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Chess Sets Savings for the Summer

Chess Sets and more during our summer chess sale

Summer Chess Set Sale Now Live – 40 – 50 percent off!

The early summer is often the proverbial calm before the storm here at the chess store. The reason for that is many of our large shipments of chess pieces and boards start to arrive around now. While it’s always great to talk about all the cool new chess sets, space is a premium and we’ve come to the conclusion we literally do not have enough room for what is expected to arrive over the next couple of months.

Solution? Offer Close-out prices on discontinued and overstocked items. Our Summer Chess Sale is now live and you can save 40 – 50% on a large selection of both theme and staunton chess pieces, wood chess boards, and several of our selection of chess sets.

Below I have separated the different categories, but if you want to jump right in, follow this
link to see everything!

traditional wood staunton chess pieces on sale

Staunton Chess Sets on Sale

We receive new designs of chess pieces every year and many are limited edition models. We have over 40 different hand-carved, weighted, amazing traditional chess pieces in our closeout section. These chessmen range from executive size 3″ pieces to tournament size and larger, and come in all the common wood types – ebonized, honey rosewood, cardinal rosewood, ebonywood, and crimson rosewood. We have marked all of these at 50% off – that’s right. You can get 50% a large number of actual ebony chess pieces. In many cases we only have one or two left in stock, so act fast if you see something you like – once they are gone, they likely will not be back for several years (if ever!)

See our massive selection of clearance staunton chess pieces. Click Here.

wooden chess boards for our summer sale

Wood Chess Boards

Want a board to go with those fine chess pieces? We have a large selection of chess boards that are now discontinued. Many are high quality inlays, and others are discontinued sizes of common models. You will find these boards from 40 to 50% off.

Plenty of Chess Boards of any size for any chess pieces – most at 50% off. Click Here.

Theme chess sets from our summer sale

Theme Chess Pieces

Looking for something a little more unique? While trying to source the best theme pieces possible, we try many different vendors. One manufacturer offered a huge assortment of styles, but we found the quality to be far inferior to what we were used to and expect. For some time these have made up our economy line of figurine chess men, but now we’re offering them at 50% off to get them out the door. The painting is not great, and the molds are sometimes uneven – but if you wanted a painted theme set – perhaps just for fun or for a gift, you can now get them for under 50.00. We also offer a special discounted board that can be added to make it a complete set.

As before, the quantities are in some cases extremely limited, so when gone, they’re gone forever!

Dozens of Figurine Chess Pieces at 50% Off. Click Here.

Chess Software Blowout – More than 50% off!

There have been hundreds of software available over the years, and more and more frequently they are available as downloads. We have a stockpile of a huge collection of software over the past twenty years – chess training aids on virtually any topic.

Not only are some of these training programs based on very specific openings and strategy, Some of these items are now not suitable for newer operating systems (or require an emulator to use). Our solution has been to reduce these items below cost.

You can receive almost all of our collection of training software from Convekta and Chessbase for 15.00 to 30.00, depending upon available. The offer does exclude actual playing software.

Additionally – we have a software grab-bag that is now available. For a low price you can get a random selection of either the old chess training software or the newer chessbase fritztrainers.

The Chessbase Trainer Mystery Bundle gives 2 training videos at 40.00 – that’s 20.00 each for items that often retail for 40.00 or more!

The basic bundle offers 3 of the older training CDs (often without full video) for 30.00. That’s 10.00 each for items that used to be well over 30.00! Remember that many of these items may not run on newer operating systems, so you’ll either need an older computer or the capability to set up an emulator to make them run.

See our Chess Software Categories for a complete list. Click Here

Other Discounted Chess Sets

I think we’ve covered a lot in this most recent chess sale – but we also have a section for overstocked items where you will find a number of chess sets and boards that we are simply looking to reduce our stock on. These sets have 30 – 40% discounts.

Other Clearance Products – Chess Sets, Tournament Sets, and More! Click Here

Don’t miss out on this chess sale – these items will not last!

See all of our Chess Sale Categories and Items

Get started via the links above to check out all of our current specials. Please note that due to the incredible discounts, other coupons and discounts cannot apply to these purchases and may overwrite these better discounts. Please check your carts carefully and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions at all!

Have a wonderful summer!

The folks at Your Move Chess & Games

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