Your Move Chess & Games believes that its customers should have the highest possible degree of privacy and security available. We believe that our customers' names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and credit card information are our most valuable asset. We have never, and will never, give or sell such information to any person or company.

Our entire website is secure and all orders can be made online with complete confidence, and in fact these days ordering online is safer than handing your credit card number over in person.  That being said, if you would prefer to place your order with a human being, you can call us via our toll-free number during normal business hours and we are happy to help you with your order.

Some Information on Internet Security

Much has been made in the press, as well as in casual coversation, about personal security on the internet. Many people believe that the internet is teaming with criminals just looking to find your credit card information, home address, social security number, and your first born. This is probably true, both for the internet and the world, as well. Although there are those who use the internet for criminal or questionable means, the methods used for this behavior are grossly misunderstood by many consumers. These myths have been propagated by the misinformed and the special interests looking to prey upon the fears of consumers. By using easy to understand explanations, this page will dispell some of these myths, and inform you as the truth about internet security. Hopefully this knowledge will arm you with accurate information. This knowledge will allow you, with complete confidence, to take advantage of the vast information and convenience the web has to offer. It will also show you how much we, at Your Move Chess & Games, really care about our customers' privacy and security.

The truth is, the web is one of the safest ways to conduct credit card transactions, assuming, of course, consumers look for, and understand, the technological safeguards available to them. Remember, knowledge is power, ignorance is bliss!

One of the most often mentioned misconceptions about the web is the notion that there are countless numbers of "hackers"sitting behind computers attempting to intercept your personal information from the web. This Imaginary Intercept is depicted in the graphic to the left. In this false concept, the hackers, through some mystical means, can get between your computer and the server of the website you are viewing. The hacker can then allegedly intercept your personal information like credit card numbers. Although this is possible in theory, in practice it is virtually impossible to achieve, under certain conditions. First of all, it is difficult to actually intercept a particular connection. Secondly, most professional commercial web sites, including Your Move Chess & Games, use a technology called Encryption

Encryption, simply put, is a data scrambler. It makes the information unreadable to whomever is not authorized to view it like hackers. Here's how it works, in a simplified form: When you connect to a secure web page, the web site server sends your browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) a secret code that activates the encryption system in your web browser. Your information is scrambled(encrypted) in your computer and sent to the server along with another secret code generated from your computer. The web server then unscrambles the information once it is received. This makes any encrypted information unreadable to anyone intercepting it on the web. The encrypted information is only usable by the two computers (you and the website) in direct communication with each other, and anyone who does intercept this encrypted data is out of luck. This description of encryption obviously is an oversimplification, but, in essence, it describes the basic concept.

 Just how strong are these encryption technologies? The newest versions of today's web browsers contain encryption schemes called "128bit" encryption. Without getting into the technical aspects of what that is, the result is that it would take a hacker, using the most powerful of supercomputers, about 8 years to unscramble an intercepted message encrypted like this. It would be much easier for a criminal to get a job as a clerk in a retail store and simply copy down your name, credit card number and the expiration date, and use this information for his next automobile purchase. In fact, this is the primary method used for acquiring credit card numbers and using them in credit fraud.

Much of the fear has unfortunately been created by advertisements for new types of credit cards allegedly designed for internet use. They want you to get more credit cards, so they create this impression that there is a security problem that only their new card can protect you from. Actually ANY credit card offers these same protections. So once again we see advertising preying on the fear of consumers, and in doing so propagating and reinforcing a myth. Simply put, it is statistically 10,000 times more likely for this type of fraud to happen to you face to face at your local retailer or restaurant, than on the internet. Fact!!!

This is all well and good, but how can you tell if a particular web site is using encryption? There are two ways, and both should be found on the site to be sure it is using encryption. First, look for a logo of a reputable security provider. On our Your Move Chess & Games web site, we display the logo of our security provider, Verisign©, one of the most well known and reputable security providers on the web. Second, when you enter a secure page, and if your browser's preferences are set for it, you may see a dialog box that says something to the effect of " have entered a secure web page..." (or similar words), and you will see the little "lock" graphic become closed and in the locked position, signifying your encryption system has been turned on in your web browser. Different browsers handle or signify security in different ways. If you are concerned about security, then make a point to become familiar with your browser's security features. Usually, there is some documentation in the help menus in the browser. You may also try the home page for the company that wrote the browser; it usually will have both a description of the security features and probably even an upgrade to the latest version. So if these two conditions have been met on the web site you are visiting, you can feel secure that only the folks who are supposed to get your personal information will be the only parties to receive it. This action occurs on the checkout part of the Your Move Chess & Games web site and anytime you have to send us your personal information. Feel confident that your personal information is totally secure when you are dealing with Your Move Chess & Games!

Ok ... So what about a hacker going to the website and hacking in to get to all the credit card numbers stored there? This is a valid question. Any well designed website will not store this information. On our website, for instance, your personal information entered on our site is immediately sent off to to a third party processor and not stored on the server that hosts our website. Even our own staff could not access your entire credit card details!  Anyone who hacks our website will simply only find the same information you can view as a customer. So if you hackers want pricing, pictures and reviews on stuff we sell, that's about all you'll get from our server.

Another thing to remember on the web are some issues that may seem like common sense. But you would be suprised how many people fail to consider these simple common-sense guidelines. Always shop with someone reputable. There are many "Johnny-come-latelys" out on the web, and of course, web sites with questionable motives. In recent years, federal laws have been passed protecting the rights of consumers and protecting individual privacy on the internet. Even though it is legal for a web site to ask for certain information about you and utilize this data for its own internal needs, it is illegal to pass information on to outside parties without the consumer's permission: your name and surname being the only exception to this law. It is also required that web sites list their policies regarding privacy. Look for sites, like ours, that follow these laws and post their policies as a guarantee of security. Look for companies where you can actually speak to someone by phone and list a street address (not PO boxes). Even better, see if they have a "brick and mortar" retail location you can visit or call. Another good tip is see if you can find out how long the company has been conducting business. Your Move Chess & Games has been satisfying customers since 1978 and has been on the web for over 15 years! Also, check to see if these web sites have a good standing with organizations like the Better Busisness Bureau.

Be safe, know your rights, and feel secure shopping at Your Move Chess & Games.

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