We have America’s largest chess product collection, which includes chess pieces, boards, and accessories. Between our online store and our brick-and-mortar location in New York, we have more chess game equipment than any other retailer. Browse our extensive collection—you’ll discover unique chess equipment for sale in every category.

You’ll find the best available chess sets, chess boards, chess pieces, and other chess game equipment here.

We have been serving the chess community from our New York chess store since 1978.

Our Chess Selection

About Our Chess Sets - A Chess Set Guide for the Confused Customer

There are so many options when it comes to buying a chess set, it's easy to get overwhelmed. We have a full buying guide to help you through the process as well as brief descriptions of some of the main types of chess equipment you might find, and how to find the perfect gift.
Oftentimes someone is looking for a full set of chess pieces on a board that is both art for them home decor as well as the game of chess. We have a great selection of luxury chess sets for both display and play with a variety of features including size, storage, material, and more. If you're looking for a classic heirloom chess set, this is the place to start.
Not everyone can leave a full chess set on display. There are lot of options for a portable set with features such as magnetic, folding, and with storage. These are great for not just travel but analysis play, and many are still handsome enough that can easily be left out and no one will think it is a 'toy'!
Looking for something different? From brave knights to ferocious animals and fantastical beasts or historical battles, there are thematic chess sets for virtually anything you can think of. If you're looking for a unique chess item to suit your personal interests, theme chess sets offer a fantastic opportunity.
Of course, with so many choices you might want to find something all-included. Not only do we have a fantastic array of theme sets combined with boards, there are also unique metal theme sets on raised battlefields, making the chess board as thematic as the pieces!

Chess Boards and Chess Tables

Create your own Chess Set

If you're looking to create your own chess set to make something truly unique, we have a huge variety of different pieces and boards that can be combined to make the perfect heirloom chess set. Of course, if you already have a chessboard and need pieces (or vice versa) this is how you complete that perfect chess set. Most of the time, the most important information is size to make sure it is an appropriate match!
We have many chess boards in sizes ranging from 1 1/2" squares up to 2 1/2" squares, suitable for pieces from 3" up to over 6" tall. Not only are there standard and luxury chess boards of many different woods, we also have chess tables for a fully finished furniture look.
Most chess sets begin with a great set of staunton chess pieces. We have tons of options in different woods and sizes, as well as brass and other metal chess sets for a modern look. Our listings offer board recommendations to help you create a perfect combination if you do not already own a chess board.

Tournament Chess Sets, Supplies, and Chess Computers

For clubs, schools, and many professional players the ideal chess set includes large, plastic pieces (often weighted) with a roll up chess board and bag. We have several extremely affordable options of these chess sets in our tournament section. We also have other accessories such as scorebooks, demonstration boards, and chess clocks.
Just starting out? Instructional chess sets are great for someone just learning or wanting to freshen up on all the rules of chess. Several of these include rules in the form of easy to read books or actual images on the chess pieces themselves as an aid to help learn the rules of the game.
If you do not have someone to play with, we also have chess computers including both auto and pressure sensitive models. If you do not like the idea of chess software, these computers maintain the 3-d aspect of the game while providing you with an opponent that you can play at many different challenge levels.

See our Board Game Collection

More than just chess...

We put the games in Your Move Chess & Games! We also have many classic games such as backgammon, dominos, checkers, cribbage, mah-jong and more as well as a huge selection of board games.
If you're looking for a luxury classic game, we certainly have you covered with high end and heirloom versions of family classics such Scrabble, Monopoly, Risk, and more.

Board Games from ChessUSA

We're not limited to just chess, either. We put the "games" in Your Move Chess & Games with an absolutely amazing selection of other traditional games, such as Mah-Jong, go, backgammon, dominoes, checkers, and more - as well as a huge selection of traditional and hard to find strategy board games from all the major board game developers.

In total, over 3,000 chess and game items to choose from! Take your time and look around. Remember, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Buying the right gift can be difficult and we're here to help.

If you don't see it, please feel free to ask - we're always looking for more!