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Chess Boards arranged by Square Size

If you already have chess pieces or have some in mind, the best way to find the best chessboard is by the size of the squares. Nothing can be more frustrating than finding a luxury chess board you love and then determining it is the wrong size for your chess pieces! Don't worry. Instead of searching by color or design, you can browse all our chessboards by the size of the squares in the categories below.

Chessboards by Size

Small Chess Boards

Chess Boards with 1 1/2" Square Size

These boards are small and best used for either smaller traditional pieces or the range of 3" tall theme chess sets. These boards can fit most anywhere, from an end or coffee table to desk or display shelf. Most of these boards are between 14" to 16" overall. These boards are usually intended for traditional chess pieces with a 2 1/2" king or theme chess pieces with a 3" king, but there are several 3" king traditional chess sets that would also be suitable.

Executive Size Chess Boards

Chess Boards with a 1 3/4" Square Size

We refer to 1 3/4" square size chessboards as "executive" size. They are large enough to play comfortably, but small enough to fit on an end table or coffee table as an accent without overwhelming a space. Most of these boards are between 16" to 18" overall. These boards are intended for chess pieces with a 3" king height, but some traditional and theme sets can be as tall as 3 1/2" and still fit the board comfortably.

Chess Boards with a 2 inch Square.

Chess Boards with a 2" Square Size

Chess Boards with a 2" square is a middle size, suitable to house most 3 3/4" to 4" tall chessmen yet with a square size that is smaller than tournament size. Most of these boards are between 18" to 22" overall. This size is best suited for if you are looking at the professional size chess pieces but really cannot afford the room necessary to put a large, tournament size chess board on display.

Tournament Size Chess Boards

Chess Boards with a 2 1/4" Square Size

Professional or tournament boards always have a 2 1/4" square, and this size chessboard will comfortable house all of the tournament sized chess pieces we carry. This is the most popular size and will have the greatest number of chess pieces that can fit them comfortable, but their size means they are often less an accent and more a focal point of the room where it is displayed. Most of these boards are between 19" to 23" overall. Chess pieces for these tournament size boards have 3 3/4" to 4 1/4" tall kings.

Huge chessboards

Chess Boards with a 2 1/2" Square Size or Larger

This section includes our very largest boards with squares ranging from 2 1/2" and up. These boards can be very impressive and imposing, requiring a large amount of space that can overwhelm many small or medium sized rooms. Most of these chess boards are at least 24" overall. If you have chess pieces that are 4 1/2" or taller, this is the place to look!

Flat Chess Sets

Staunton Chess Sets with Chess Board

If you're overwhelmed at all of the options we don't blame you. It can be very difficult selecting the right chess pieces and board. This section contains traditional chess sets that include the pieces and board in a number of different sizes and styles.