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Learn about Chess Sets Create your own Chess Set Sometimes you have a chessboard and just need pieces - perhaps you have the pieces but need a board. We have you covered either way - but if you're feeling like making the perfect chess set for you by combining one of our hundreds of chess pieces with a perfectly suited chess board, this guide may help. Making your own chess set Other Games We carry more than just chess - we also carry many traditional games such as backgammon, dominos, checkers, cribbage, mah-jong and more alongside a huge selection of board games as well as luxury and heirloom versions of family classics such Scrabble and Monopoly. Shop Now Which style is right for you? Whether you're shopping for a travel chess set, tournament supplies, or a statement piece for your home we have something for you. Don't see what you're looking for? Call us! We're here to help narrow down the selection. Staunton Chess Sets Often someone is looking for a full set of chess pieces on a board that is both art for them home decor as well as the game of chess. You might hear terms like "Staunton" - this refers to traditional looking chess pieces; the king has a cross, the knight is the bust of a horse, and the rook looks like the top of a castle. We have a great selection of luxury chess sets for both display and play with a variety of features including size, storage, material, and more. If you're looking for a classic heirloom chess set, this is the place to start. Shop Now Portable Chess Sets There are many reasons a full-size chess board might not be practical. Not everyone can leave a full chess set on display. Some families have furry friends that love to interfere with a chess set leading to frustration. There are lot of options for a portable set with features such as magnetic, folding, and other sets with storage. These are great for not just travel but analysis play, and many are still handsome enough that can easily be left out when possible. Shop Now Tournament or Club Supplies If you are looking for a chess set for a club or school or have a chess player that wants to play in tournaments, there is a specific style of chess set used. The ideal chess set includes large, plastic pieces (often weighted) with a roll up chess board and bag. In chess, green and white squares are standard - this makes it easy to see the black and white chessmen. The black pieces cannot get lost on their own squares. We have many affordable options of these chess sets in our tournament section. We also have other accessories including scorebooks, demonstration boards, and chess clocks. Shop Now Theme Chess Sets Before the staunton design was normalized, every chess set looked different. Today not everyone wants a classic style chess set. One beauty of chess is that there are many other options, from brave knights to ferocious animals and fantastical beasts or historical battles. There are thematic chess sets for virtually anything you can think of. If you're looking for a unique chess item to suit your personal interests, theme chess sets offer a fantastic opportunity. Shop Now Chess Pieces If you have a chess board and just need chessmen, we have pieces ranging from 2 1/2" to over 6" tall in king height. These pieces come in many different wood types including ebony, padouk, rosewood, Sheesham, and more. We also have pieces in metal, stone, and other materials. Shop Now Chess Boards If you have chess pieces already and just need a chess board, we have boards ranging from 1 1/2" square size up to massive 2 1/2" squares. These come in a number of woods including Mahogany, Walnut, Wengue, and many more - as well as artistic boards, storage chess boards, and metal boards as well. 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