Clearance Theme and Figurine Chess Pieces

We carry a huge number of theme chess sets to fit any desire. Sometimes we get designs that are either unpopular or simply not of a good enough quality. This category includes clearance theme sets - once they are gone they are gone, but you can get chess pieces at a fantastic price while they last. Unfortunately, other coupons cannot be applied to these chess specials.

Notably, you will find our range of economy theme chess pieces here as closeout. Originally these were intended to be a slightly more affordable option of the well painted theme sets that retail for around 120.00. While they were priced aggressively, the quality of painting and mold was simply too inferior to warrant even the lower price, so now we are simply marking them down to near cost to simply move them out the door. The paint on these sets are not as clean or as vibrant and the mold is sometimes uneven, but this does give you the opportunity to purchase a theme chess set for play or display at pretty remarkable prices.