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ChessUSA Spotlight on Brass and Metal Chess Sets

A spotlight on some of the many Staunton Brass and Metal Chess Sets at ChessUSA

Our metal Staunton chess set section

Some of our new arrivals – that knight in my hand weights over 3lbs by itself!

With all the changes and new items over the past couple of years, it’s very easy to fall far – far behind. I’ve finally gotten to uploading the images for the brass chess pieces we recently received, as well as uploading pictures to a few from last year that never made it on the website. It’s hard to highlight every new item – but I thought this would be a great opportunity to spotlight the staunton brass and metal sets we carry here at the store!

I also have a special surprise at the end – 20% off any brass or metal staunton chess pieces. Oops.. did I tell you already?

Brass and Metal Staunton Chess Pieces

Our metal Stauton chess set section

See our staunton brass and metal chess piece collection HERE

Brass staunton chess pieces have often been a sought after alternative to the traditional rosewood, ebony, and other wood hand carved chess pieces. They are stylish and extremely durable, and some of the heaviest chess pieces available.

Some of these sets are solid brass, and others have wooden stems adding an extra bit of elegance and old-world style. While traditionally we see silver and gold finishes, it is not uncommon to see other, darker metal finishes that help promote a greater contrast of the pieces.

Large brass set with aluminum board

One of the largest brass chess pieces we’ve ever carried. This one has a 6 3/4″ king!

brass chess set with folding board

The big one! This set features a nearly 8″ king and a knight weighting over 3lbs on its own!

What’s most exciting now are some of the absolutely huge metal sets we’ve gotten recently. Often metal chess pieces are limited to small to tournament size (approximately a 4″ king height). This new batch includes some of the largest and heaviest sets yet. The one I am holding in the image above boasts a king that is nearly 8 inches tall – we also have both 7″ and 6″ designs.

Metal and Brass Staunton Chess Sets

Our metal Stauton chess set section

There are brass chess sets with boards, both flat and folding – in a number of sizes. You can find them in our “unique chess sets” category.

Of course, if you’re looking for a chess set including a board, there are brass and metal options with flat, folding, aluminum and wood boards. We include these unique chess sets in a category that includes other unusual sets, but you can see them by clicking on the image above.

Large brass set with aluminum board

One of the larger brass chess sets complete with aluminum chess board.

brass chess set with folding board

One of our brass chess sets with folding chessboard.

Other Metal Theme Chess Sets

Of course we don’t only have Staunton Sets – we have a huge selection of historical metal chess pieces and sets as well. There are far too many of those to go over here, but feel free to take a look at the section. Like the staunton sets, they are extremely durable and heavy, offering a great elegant display option for a lot of historical themes.

See our selection of metal thematic chess pieces here

And something special! 20% off any brass chess pieces!

Thanks for reading! As our thank you – please use this coupon through this weekend (it expires on 7/25/16) to take 20% off any purchase of brass chess pieces. Sorry, the coupon cannot be combined with others – but the discount should still be worth it. If you’ve been waiting on getting a metal staunton chess set, this is definitely the time!

Enter code: BRASSCHESS to receive 20% off. Only applicable to orders between 7/21/16 and 7/25/16.

See all the applicable sets for the 20% off brass and metal chess piece coupon HERE

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