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Questions with choosing the right chess set

Finding the right Chess Set can be very difficult. We have tried to put together a number of helpful articles to help you find the right chess set, chess pieces, or other gift. Of course, you may have other questions - that's fine! Just give us a call or email and our knowledgeable staff will help you as best as we can!

Of course, there is one other place you should check out - our chess blog! You can see up to date articles, chess information regarding not only our sets, but the chess community as a whole, and more.

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Q: What should I buy?

That's a tough one! Well, we have a buying guide that explains some of our product. That is a great way to begin your search.
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Q: How do I choose the right chess set for me?

It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed by all the different types of chess sets. Here is a quick guide on how to choose one for you:
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Q: How can I create a chess board and chess set that complements each other?

It might seem like a lot of work to find the right combination ofchess board and chess pieces. Here's a guide on how to create a chess set:
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Q: I have chess pieces already. How do I know what chess board to buy?

It can be difficult finding the right chess board for your pieces. Here is our Chess Board Sizing Guidelines:
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Q: I have a chess board already. How do I know what chess pieces to buy?

It can be difficult finding the right chess pieces for your board. Here is our Chess Piece Sizing Guidelines:
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Q: What sort of woods are used for chess boards?

We've made an article on most of the common woods used for chess boards.
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Q: What sort of woods are used for chess pieces?

We have an article on that too!
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Q: What is this Staunton thing I keep hearing about?

Staunton is the classic style of chess pieces - you know, the king has a cross, the knight is the bust of a horse... we have a more in depth explanation:
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Q: I saw the buying guide... but can you recommend a really nice set of chess pieces? There are too many!

It really is a personal preference... sorry! However, here is a review of one of our favorite staunton chess sets:
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Q: I actually do not know how to play Chess. Can you help with that?

Yes. Here is a link to our page that can introduce you to the chess pieces and the basic (very basic!) objective of chess:
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