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The Square Off Chess Computer Has arrived!

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Your Move Chess & Games October Arrivals

October is just around the corner – and with it the new arrivals are coming in full force. Last month we introduced the fantastic, heaviest-set-ever with steel inserts and cross: The Conqueror Staunton. We also introduced a truly fantastical staunton chess set featuring a hand-carved dragon with bone horns, the The Tyrant Staunton. The new items have not stopped arriving. In my humble opinion, the most exciting new chess computer in a number of years has just recently arrived – the Square Off Kingdom and Grand Kingdom Chess Computers!

15% Off Purchase of 150.00 or more

All you need to do is enter coupon code: CHESSUSAOCTOBER During checkout and you’ll get 15% off an order of 150.00 or more. That means you can get 15% off both the Kingdom and Grand Kingdom Square Off Boards today. This special is good through Monday, October 8th and cannot be combined with other coupons.

This coupon is only being offered via our mailing and blog and can apply to any of the thousands of staunton and theme chess sets, from old favorites to new arrivals. The purpose of this special sale the opening week of September is for a more specific purpose: To help introduce the new, and frankly, incredible, chess computers from Square Off – now in stock in limited quantities at our Massapequa Store and available for shipping worldwide.

Introducing The New Square Off Chess Computers

The Grand Kingdom Square Off Chess Computer

The Kingdom Square Off Chess Computer

The Grand Kingdom Square Off Chess Computer

Square Off – The New Chess Computer In Town!

The Square Off Chess Boards are unique and represent a potential evolution of the chess computer as we know it. The square off board utilizes an app (available for IOS or Android phones and tablets) as a conduit to play. It can link with your chess.com account, or simply sign in via email. Once you do, you can play live chess with someone across the globe… as your opponent moves, the chess computer will automatically move the piece for them!

That’s right – you can now play chess with your cousin across the country by sitting down at a good sized, wood frame chess board – make a move, and just wait. They make a move on the app, and the board will ‘magically’ move the piece for them. It’s a fantastic way to play on an actual chess board as opposed to via a 2-d tablet or phone screen. Check out the video below to see it in action.

But there’s more – let’s say you just want to play the program itself. It has an AI built with 20 levels that can easily play some of the strongest chess around. It utilizes the stockfish engine and can play some of the strongest chess around. Because it’s using your phone as the brain, future updates could make the program even stronger. Right now it can already challenge the strongest of players!

The two Square Off Boards have identical programming. The Grand Kingdom is a larger board to provide a place to put pieces taken to the side, and to automatically reset the board at the end of a game. Otherwise, the features are identical.

Another great feature of Square Off is that it an attractive piece that can be left out on display in a large size. It includes good quality wooden pieces (the Grand Kingdom as of this writing actually features rosewood “Zagreb” chessmen.) The pieces are 2 1/2″ tall, and the squares on the board are 1 1/2″. Overall, this is certainly larger than most standard chess computers and is playable as a sit down board.

To be clear, this is a non-traditional chess computer; I would not recommend live player in a blitz mode because the pieces do not move fast enough, nor do the levels have the flexibility to use specific openings or time controls per move or game. While we can hope for these features in a future update, for now the best way to look at Square Off is a machine that can play fantastic chess but ideally is a way to bring people together – playing with your friends and family across the globe on a REAL chess board again.

The Grand Kingdom Square Off Chess Board

The Kingdom Square Off Chess Board

See the Square Off Board in Action

What about the rest of the cool chess stuff?

If you’re looking for the best deal, don’t forget to check out our clearance section. It has just been updated with many new items and all of these are already discounted up to 50%. For any order over 150.00, the CHESSUSAOCTOBER coupon does apply. Please note the coupon cannot be combined with other basket coupons, and expires Monday, October 8th

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