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Our Favorite New Chess Sets

Now that we’ve made it through the busy holiday time here at the chess store, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite new items from last year. We get in dozens of new items every year and these were real stand-outs. Not only do they look great, but they fit a need that has long been lacking in the chess market.

40-057_1_large (1)

9 3/4″ Rosewood Magnetic Chess Set w/ Case

Over the years, a popular question from customers is how to travel with a flat chess set.  While there are chess boxes for chessmen, there were few chess sets made to travel that were not small magnetic sets, folding sets or tournament roll-up chess sets, so we’ve kept an eye out for something that would fit the bill. When we found these flat chess sets with storage bag that holds both the pieces and and chess board all in one convenient place , we had some air shipped over so we could try them out. We were so happy with the quality that we’ve decided to order a larger quantity by sea and we’re passing the savings on to you with a healthy price cut. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our Magnetic Chess Sets with Case and their larger counterparts, which aren’t magnetized.

40-057 2 (1)

Case for magnetic sets

All of these sets come with high gloss boards in rosewood or ebonized finishes. The pieces match their boards and come stored inside a case complete with our logo, and the larger, non-magnetic ones also include a handle. The pieces feature a classic, German Staunton design, with felted bottoms to keep pieces from slipping. The pieces aren’t weighted, but the magnetic versions feature some of the strongest magnets we’ve ever seen.  The magnets are so powerful, you can see in the photo below that even held at a 90 degree angle the pieces don’t slip.

40-058 hang (1)

9 3/4″ Black Magnetic Chess Set w/ Case

The magnetic sets come in 6”, 8”, 9 3/4” and 11 3/4” sizes. We usually consider anything smaller than 10” to be a good analysis set, but we like these as travel sets as well. One of the most convenient features of these sets when playing on the go is the storage. Most of our travel sets are folding. The difficulty with a folding travel sets becomes obvious once you take your first piece – the storage is almost exclusively on the interior of the set.  Where are you supposed to store captured pieces during a game? These sets answer that problem with felt cut-away storage in the box.

40-059_case (1)

11 3/4″ Rosewood Magnetic Chess Set w/ Case

Like the style of these sets, but you’re looking for something larger for use at home? Take a look at our 13 1/4” and 15 1/2” sets. These are suitable as both in-home and on-the-go use. Because of their larger size they aren’t magnetic, but the aforementioned handle makes it much easier to carry the set safely from place to place.

4A-A04 big (1)

15 1/2″ Ebonized Chess Set w/ Carrying Case

To celebrate our new sets, we’re offering 10% off these fantastic new sets and any other item in the store until 3/17/17.  Use the code below during checkout for this additional discount.

Use coupon code: FB317

Below you’ll find a chart with our old and new prices on these sets.

Item Item Code Old Price New Price
 6″ Ebonized Magnetic Chess Set with Case  40-062  $29.95  $28.45
6″ Rosewood Magnetic Chess Set with Case 40-061 $29.95 $28.45
8″ Black Magnetic Analysis Chess Set with Case 40-052 $39.95 $37.95
8″ Rosewood Magnetic Analysis  Chess Set with Case 40-051 $39.95 $37.95
9 3/4″ Black Magnetic Chess Set with Case 40-058 $54.95 $52.20
9 3/4″ Rosewood Magnetic Chess Set with Case 40-057 $54.95 $52.20
11 3/4″ Black Magnetic Chess Set with Case 40-060 $69.95 $66.45
11 3/4″ Rosewood Magnetic Chess Set with Case 40-059 $69.95 $66.45
13 1/4″ Ebonized Chess Set with Carrying Case 4A-A02 $149.95 $94.95
13/14″ Rosewood Chess Set with Carrying Case 4A-A01 $149.95 $94.95
15 1/2″ Ebonized Chess Set with Carrying Case 4A-A04 $199.95 $142.45
15 1/2″ Rosewood Chess Set with Carrying Case 4A-A03  $199.95 $142.45


1 comment to Our Favorite New Chess Sets

  • Nick

    I was wondering if there is any way of finding out how much a certain chess set is worth. I recently purchased one from auction and am trying to find out where I can get an appraisal. I can email a photo if it helps. The description I’ve been able to gather is a “Verreries Royales Saint Louis France 1586 glass chess set.” If you have any idea or can direct me towards someone who could appraise it would be much appreciated.

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