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Memorial Day 2017 – New Chess Sets and More

Memorial Day Chess Sale

Traditional Chess Sets – Chess Pieces with Chessboard

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and with that Dads and Grads season begins. If you were thinking of getting a chess set for your loved one but were overwhelmed with the options, we can help. We have made combinations of chess pieces and boards in different sizes and budgets for any gift.

Yes, it’s also Memorial Day, so that means a special discount coupon as you plan your purchase:

Enter code: MEMORIALDAY2017 to get 15% off your purchase (Through May 31st, 2017 only – cannot be combined with other offers)

These ideas can also be inspiration for your own custom chess set combination. See our entire collection below:
View our Luxury Staunton Chess Piece Collection (by size) | View our Luxury Wood Chess Board Collection (by size)

storage chess sets other flat chess sets
Chess Sets with Storage Glass, Brass, and other Unique Chess Sets
A selection of chess sets with either storage chessboards or included storage cases. Perfect for when you cannot leave your chess pieces out on display. A fantastic collection of other flat chess boards with pieces including glass or brass chess sets and other unique designs.
Small sized heirloom wood chess sets Large sized heirloom wood chess sets
Small Heirloom Wood Chess Sets Large Heirloom Wood Chess Sets
A selection of chess sets including exclusive Mark of Westminster chess pieces with wood chess boards ranging from 14″ – 18″, perfect for a coffee or end table as a room accent. A selection of fantastic large chess sets including exclusive Mark of Westminster chess pieces with wood chess boards ranging from 20″ – 24″, a focal point for any room.
Standard chess sets Luxury chess sets
Standard Chess Sets Luxury Chess Sets
These standard chess sets are ideal if you’re looking for a great chess set to play with regularly. These sets can be left on display or put away, and include economic choices up to 300.00 Our Collection of luxury chess sets over 300.00 in price. If you’re looking for a high end heirloom without customizing among the many chess pieces and chess boards we offer, this is the place to look.

Having Trouble finding the right Traditional Chess Set?

If you have not found the exact set you are looking for, don’t stop here. We’re accessible at our brick-and-mortar chess store via our toll-free phone number (800-645-4710) between 10AM – 5PM Eastern time. Feel free to give us a call and we can help walk you through all the different chess boards and chess pieces available. Once we find the right size and wood type, we’ll help you find an appropriately sized board or matching pieces. You’ll have the ideal set for you in no time.

Our Chess Store

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