Why do you make it so hard to choose a chess set?

Q: You Have Way Too Many Chess Sets from Which to Choose!

- Steve Schwartz

Sorry, we just can't help ourselves. Our buyers meet with suppliers from all over the world, and they have absolutely no self-control. If it is new, they order it so we can offer it to you.

So, we have way too many travel chess sets, magnetic chess sets, wood chess sets, metal chess sets, polystone chess sets, marble chess sets, glass chess sets, pewter chess sets, children's chess sets, large chess sets, small chess sets, cheap chess sets, and expensive chess sets.

This makes the selection process very difficult for our customers. We like punishing them this way. But our customers are obviously masochistic and they keep coming back for more. In fact, we probably have more repeat customers than any of our competitors have customers.

But from such a selection, what should you buy?

Well, the reality is that you are vastly better off making that decision than having us do it. That is because everyone has different taste and a different budget. We never suggest what someone should spend on a product. We simply ask what their budget is so we do not recommend items that are out of reach.

We can advise what is best for a tournament player because the dimensions are etched in stone, but as far as a gift for a friend or relative who just likes playing for entertainment, there are no standard rules or regulations as far as size and color of board or pieces.

And since you know the recipient and we do not, you will be better prepared to make judgments as to what "looks best".

Quite often a customer on the phone or via email or live chat will ask which of two sets we like best. We try not to answer that question because it really has no bearing on whether the recipient will like it. And my wife tells me I have no taste anyway.

That does not mean that you will not find us anxious to respond to your questions in person here in the store or on-line via email or live chat, and we will help in every way we can (it's a habit we can't break after more than a quarter century), but that final decision is yours.

No one here works on commission. We do not care whether you spend $5 or $5000. All that matters is when you walk out of our store here in New York or open your package that we have shipped to you or your recipient, that you (or they) are happy. Once cannot be totally happy if he/she has been pressured into a decision.

Take your time and choose what you like. If you have a question, ask. We will respond instantly.


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