16" Red and Botocino Rustic Style Marble Chess Set

Product Code: red-botocino-rustic-style-marble-chess-set
16" Red and Botocino Rustic Style Marble Chess Set

16" Red and Botocino Rustic Style Marble Chess Set

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Product Code: red-botocino-rustic-style-marble-chess-set

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16" Red and Botocino Rustic Style Marble Chess Set

Marble chess pieces are a classic alternative to the traditional wood Staunton pieces. These stone pieces are hand carved in numerous colors and, due to the natural nature of the material, each one is unique. The rustic design is a standard Staunton with clearly distinguishable pieces that emphasize the hand-made nature of the craft. Each stone piece has a felt bottom to help protect the playing surface.

These hand-made marble chess boards are ideal for chess enthusiasts that want something unique for their smaller traditional staunton or theme chess pieces. The style is traditional with two marble colors, and each board is hand carved, so no two sets are ever exactly alike. There are a lot of variations in the stone and often have a weathered, rustic appearence. Because of the variation, these boards are not best for perfectionists. These marble sets should be left out on display when possible! Each marble board has a felted bottom to help protect any surface from scratching.

Red Marble ranges from dark red to bright orange and often has more variation than any other color. Due to the unusual composition of some of these veins, sometimes there will be more veins than in other colors. Boticino marble is a creamy, off-white color that provides a good contrast for many marble sets. It has little variation.

Marble is great for a display piece making a unique artistic statement around the home. Please note marble is also quite fragile, so while you certainly can play with the pieces, you should do so with care.

This is a full set of 32 chess pieces with board. Please choose border a color. Made in Pakistan.

  • King Height: 3 1/4"
  • King Weight: 2.8 oz
  • King Base: 1 1/4"
  • Overall Board Dimensions: 16" x 16"
  • Square Size: 1 1/2"
  • Board Thickness: 1/2"

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