Eclipse: Ship Pack One Expansion

Product Code: SW-283

Normally: $49.99

Eclipse: Ship Pack One Expansion

Eclipse: Ship Pack One Expansion

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Product Code: SW-283

Normally: $49.99

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Eclipse: Ship Pack One Expansion

  • 108 plastic ship models: a full set of Ships (18 Ships) for each of the six base game Alien species.
  • 1 Player Board (two-sided, with Terran Separatists on one side and Guardians of Magellan on the other)
  • 1 Starting Sector Hex (#239/240) and 3 Ambassador Tiles for the new species
  • 1 Outer Sector hex (#325)
  • 1 Tractor Beam Rare Technology Tile
  • 1 Security Council Development Tile
  • 2 Ancient Interceptors Discovery Tiles
  • 1 Advanced GCDS Tile
  • 6 +40 Storage Markers
  • 2 Turn Order Boards
  • 10 Turn Order Markers9 Next Turn Order Markers
FROM ASMODEE WEBSITE:The expansion contains a full set of ships (Interceptors, Cruisers, Dreadnoughts and Starbases) for the six base game aliens. The ships are plastic and come in the same colours as in the base game. The ships were designed to represent specific species, and their colours are thus tied to them -- the Eridani Empire ships are red, and so on -- but you can still of course use the ships of the "wrong species" if you wish to play a certain color and species combination.

The final size of the ships is roughly 15, 35, 50 and 30mm lengthwise for Interceptors, Cruisers, Dreadnoughts and Starbases, respectively. The other species' ships are roughly the same size as these, depending a bit on the specific design, so they will be easy to tell apart just by size.

The main content of the expansion is the new miniature set. We did not want to include any big new game mechanics so that the people who do not wish to invest in new models will not be left out of new game play options.

However, the expansion does contain some new exclusive cardboard components:

Tractor Beam Rare Technology: When you have the Tractor Beam Rare Technology, your opponents cannot retreat from a battle against you. Note: The Tractor Beam is exactly the same Tech that was included in the Rise of the Ancients 1st edition fix sheet. However, as customers who buy the subsequent editions won't receive that, we decided to add the Tech to the Ship Pack as well.
Security Council Development: At the end of the game, the Security Council scores you 1VP, plus 1VP per Ambassador on your Reputation Track.
Ancient Interceptor Discovery: You can place one or more Interceptors in the hex, without paying any Materials for them (just as with the base game Ancient Cruiser). The catch is that their maximum total Material cost can be 6 Materials. For example, The Rho Indi Syndicate can only place one Interceptor, as their Interceptors cost 4 Materials, while the Mechanema can place three.
Advanced GCDS: A two-sided Advanced GCDS tile, with a bit stronger GCDSs than in the base game. This can be used instead of the vanilla GCDS, if you prefer a slightly different rhythm in when the Galactic Center is conquered.
Outer Sector hex: An additional hex (#325) for the Outer Sectors. Adding this, you can play the 8-9 player game with just the basic Outer Sector hexes.
+40 Storage Markers: Use the +40 Storage Markers to help track Storage of Resources over 40 units. Most of these have Science on one side and Materials on the other, but there is also one +40 Money marker for those rare occasions.
Crowded Hex Boards: These are counterparts for the base game Crowded Hex Tiles -- you can place the ships from the crowded hex on these.
Turn order variant: Due to popular request, there are now official components for the variant where turn order is based on the passing order. The box includes a six player turn order board with an addition for up to nine players, plus tokens for tracking the turn order for the current and upcoming round.New species: The box also contains a player board with a new Terran species on one side and a Magellan on the other, plus Ambassador tiles for them. These function just as the base game Terrans and RotA Magellans, giving you a bit more flexibility on the species mix.

*All Information Taken From BoardGameGeek*

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