Star Wars Starship Battles Starter

Product Code: CM-016
Star Wars Starship Battles Starter

Star Wars Starship Battles Starter

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Product Code: CM-016

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Powerful Starfleets At Your Command!
Conquer the hyperspace lanes with the best fleet of starships you can muster from all eras of the Star Wars saga. Drawn from the landmark films, the computer games, the comics, and the novels, these starships give you a whole new way to decide the fate of the galaxy. The Star Wars Miniatures Starship Battles Game Starter Set contains everything needed to play head-to-head Star Wars space battles. Add Starship Battles Booster Packs to expand players' options so they can create more powerful fleets and decide the fate of the galaxy. Beautifully detailed, this highly-anticipated set will excite players, collectors, and movie fans.
Each Starship Battles Starter Set contains:

    * 8 randomized, fully painted, plastic miniatures.
    * 2 exclusive miniatures--
      o Super Star Destroyer Executor
      o Mon Calamari Star Defender Viscount
    * Full-color game stat cards
    * Fully illustrated battle map
    * 20-sided die
    * Rulebook
    * 2 Fleet Commander cards
    * Damage and Command counters
Product line features:
    * There are 60 unique miniatures in the Starship Battles set.
    * Miniatures are pre-painted plastic.
    * All miniatures packages are randomized and made up of figures of varying rarity.
    * Miniatures can be used to play skirmish-level or mass-battle combat scenarios or to add dimension to Star Wars roleplaying games.

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