Attack! How To Attack Like A Grandmaster

Product Code: 9K-029
Attack! How To Attack Like A Grandmaster

Attack! How To Attack Like A Grandmaster

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Product Code: 9K-029

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Attack! How To Attack Like A Grandmaster with Damian Lemos

The secret to winning chess games is very simple - YOU MUST ATTACK! IF you like to open passively and slowly build a strong defensive position, you are playing bad chess! To win games in chess, you must be attacking. You can't wait for your opponent to make a mistake because that is not going to win you any games! The best players in the world try to create at least one threat with every single move; why can't beginner chess players do the exact same thing?

This simple principle of consistently striving to attack your opponent is guaranteed to help you play better and improve your practical tournament results. Constantly creating problems and forcing your opponent to solve them is the mark of a good chess player, regardless of your level.

In this chess DVD GM Lemos examines legendary attacking games that demonstrate the full process of several world chess champions. GM LEmos emphasizes the influence of attackng chess as one of the greatest driving forces in the game, repeaetdly stressing that the attacker is ALWAYS favored! If you are a beginer player that simply wants to achieve better results, this chess DVD will push you strongly in the right direction.

  • Anand vs Karpov
  • Lasker vs Bauer
  • Gereben vs Geller
  • Skrobek vs Jankovec
  • Karpov vs Leko
For more information, check out this short introductory video on youtube, Attack! How To Attack Like A Grandmaste with Damian Lemos.

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