Mastering Control Of The Center - Beginner Edition

Product Code: 9K-022
Mastering Control Of The Center - Beginner Edition

Mastering Control Of The Center - Beginner Edition

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Product Code: 9K-022

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Mastering Control Of The Center - Beginner Edition with Damian Lemos

If you are a beginner chess player that is struggling to progress in your game, controlling the center might be your problem. This basic principle is frequently overlooked as beginner chess players find it easy to become caught in a trap of not knowing what to study, and in what order to study it in! Simple relying on the basic rules of successful opening play will greatly improve your tournament results!

Don't overcomplicate your game! Control the center, develop your pieces actively, create threats and you will be winning games. COntrolling the center is such an important fundamental concept in chjess because it can represent an immediate, tactical advantage or it can be a long-term, positional advantage.

You can use control of the center to limit and push back the pieces of your opponent, or you can use this central control to establish strong outposts for your own pieces. In this chess DVD Grandmaster Damian Lemos focuses on the basic concepts and common themes of successful central control for beginner chess players. After watching this DVD you will understand all the key concepts towards maintaining control of the center.

  • Capablanca vs Anonymous
  • Alekhine vs Casielles
  • Shabalov vs Smylov
  • Tal vs Benko
  • Landa vs Purtov
  • Schlechter vs Wolf
For more information, check out this short introductory video on youtubeMastering Control Of The Center, with Grandmaster Damian Lemos. *All Information Taken From The Manufacturer*

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