The Secret To Mastering Chess Openings - Beginner Edition

Product Code: 9K-021
The Secret To Mastering Chess Openings - Beginner Edition

The Secret To Mastering Chess Openings - Beginner Edition

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Product Code: 9K-021

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The Secret To Mastering Chess Openings with Grandmaster Damian Lemos

The opening is the most important phase of the game in chess because you have to come out swinging, desperately attempting to punish the slightest inaccuracy by your opponent. At any level in chess, from beginner to World Champion, the player who is able to achieve rapid pressure in the opening is going to have better chances of maintaining a long-term advantage.

In this chess DVD Grandmaster Damian Lemos demonstrates how the beginning player should perceive the opening and plan a successful approach by aiming for strong control of the center, rapid development and early threats!

This DVD is targeted at beginner chess players, guaranteed to vastly improve ones understanding of the opening and how to start winning games from the very first moves!

In this chess DVD, Grandmaster Damian Lemos explains the basic concepts of the opening, explaining the basic rules and guidelines for minor piece development towards the center, while also showing the most typical mistakes in this phase of the game.

  • Morphy vs McConell
  • Shaw vs Zeidler
  • Horn vs Liardet
  • Capablanca vs Scott
  • Levenfish vs Alekhine
  • Spielmann vs Nimzowitsch

For more information, check out this short introductory video on youtube, The Secret To Mastering Chess Openings, with Damian Lemos.

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