Chess King: Complete Chess Course: Opening Principles

Product Code: 9K-020
Chess King: Complete Chess Course: Opening Principles

Chess King: Complete Chess Course: Opening Principles

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Product Code: 9K-020

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This Opening Principles disk is the first volume of the Complete Chess Course. It demonstrates that you don't need to try to memorize hundreds of opening variations as long as you play the opening by following common basic ideas. You'll learn all about fast development, centralization, mobility, and defense, all of which will help you get a good position which will lead directly into a playable middle game. The next two volumes in this course are 9K-018 and 9K-019.

Table of Contents:
1- The Center
2- Mobility
3- Center Pawns
4- Development
5- Knights First
6- One or Two Pawn Moves
7- Wasting Time
8- Castle Early
9- Early Queen Moves
10- Play the Sure Thing
11- Rooks in the Opening
12- Pointless Pawn Moves
13- Pawns and castled Kings
14- F-Pawn Weakness
15- Opening Disaster 1
16- Opening Disaster 2
17- Opening Disaster 3
18- Opening Disaster 4
19- Opening Disaster 5
20- Using an Opening Tree

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