Chess King: Guide To Opening Ideas: 1. e4 e5

Product Code: 9K-017
Chess King: Guide To Opening Ideas: 1. e4 e5

Chess King: Guide To Opening Ideas: 1. e4 e5

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Product Code: 9K-017

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Table of contents Volume 1 Open Games 1.e4 e5
Introduction & Conclusion A. Kosteniuk
1- Introduction
2- Fight for the Center
3- Center Game
4- Danish Gambit
5- King's Gambit Basics
6- King's Gambit Declined
7- Falkbeer Counter Gambit
8- Classical King's Gambit
9- King's Gambit Modern
10- Vienna Game
11- Bishop's Opening
12- Latvian Gambit
13- Ponziani Opening
14- Goering Gambit
15- Scotch Gambit
16- Scotch Game
17- Four Knight's Defense
18- Two Knight's Defense
19- Philidor Defense
20- Petroff's Defense
21- Italian Game
22- Evans Gambit
23- Ruy Lopez Basics
24- Ruy Lopez Berlin Defense
25- Schliemann Defense
26- Ruy Lopez Exchange
27- Ruy Lopez Steinitz Defense
28- Open Ruy Lopez
29- Marshall Attack
30- Ruy Lopez Archangel
31- Closed Ruy Lopez
32- Further Opening Study

Over 8 hours of instruction in this amazing video chess openings encyclopedia.
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