Chess Genius Pro Edition

Product Code: 82-S08

Normally: $199.95

Chess Genius Pro Edition

Chess Genius Pro Edition

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Product Code: 82-S08

Normally: $199.95

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Chess Genius Pro Edition

After the much-publicized launch of MILLENNIUM ChessGenius in late autumn 2015, we now face the significantly improved performance and enhanced version of Chess Genius PRO. Many customer wishes regarding additional functions with respect to hardware and software have been expressed to us. They have been incorporated into the development of the new model. In addition to a more elegant appearance Genius Pro provides especially a significantly higher skill level, it reaches more than 2,200 ELO after international tournament standard. This was achieved through a variety of hardware and software modifications.

    Playing levels and playing difficulty:
  • Virtually unlimited number of levels of difficulty
  • Average time per move configurable
  • Max overall duration of game configurable
  • Includes demanding tournament levels suitable for skilled players
  • Special „Matt in X“ stage for problem solving
  • Countless levels especially for beginners
  • Shows suggested moves (best, second best, third best etc. moves from the respective position)
    Especially for chess experts
  • Choice of 2 libaries of opening moves: the ‘Classic London Book’, with approximately 57,000 positions, and the ‘Modern Book’, with more than 100,000 positions
  • Versatile analysis mode (text displays and chessboard display)
  • Display analysis of positions, main variants and move number
  • Enter any chess position
    Especially for novices
  • Chess trainer: Warns about bad moves, offers to take them back and makes suggestions for improvement to help make better moves
  • Help function: Shows all permitted moves
  • Fully flexible opportunities to take back moves
    Features and ease of use
  • Convenient menu system makes it easy to adjust system settings
  • Large backlit display: shows the entire chessboard, plus help text and menu system text
  • Extra-large chessboard: 20 x 20 cm playing area
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Different match modes: Player vs. computer, player vs. player etc.
  • Improved energy saving mode with longer active times
  • Power port for AC adapter
  • Automatic power supply detection to switch off the power-saving mode in network operation
    Technical data:
  • Processor:ARM Cortex M4 / 120 MHz
  • RAM:160 KB
  • Chessboard:Pressure sensor board, magnetic
  • Display:Backlit chessboard display
  • Menu operation:7 languages, text-based
  • Languages: GB / DE / FR / NL / ES / IT / RU
  • Software: Original CHESS GENIUS
  • Power supply: 3 x AA alkaline batteries
  • Power port available (power pack sold separately)
  • Dimensions: approx. 30 x 27.5 x 3 cm
  • Chessboard dimensions:20 x 20 cm

Outlet located underneath the machine along the edge.

Information Taken From Manufacturer
  • King Height: 1 7/8"
  • King Weight: .2 oz
  • King Base: 5/8"
  • Overall Board Dimensions: 7 3/4" x 7 3/4"
  • Square Size: 5/8"

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