Ultimate Tournament Combination Chess Set

Product Code: 61-302-tournament-chess-set
Ultimate Tournament Combination Chess Set

Ultimate Tournament Combination Chess Set

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Product Code: 61-302-tournament-chess-set

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Ultimate Tournament Combination Chess Set

Tournament Chess Sets are a staple for clubs, schools, and professional and casual players alike. Our sets all include a roll-up vinyl chess board and pieces. The chess carry bags pictured are available as extras (see below). Tournament sets are a cost effective way to have a large, durable chess set.

The chessmen are designed for the chess player in mind with a 3.75 inch king and extra chunky pawns. The pieces are more than triple weight at 3.9 pounds giving the pieces a great feeling in the hand and preventing them from being tipped over during play. These pieces feature a premier weighting system designed to last longer than other weighted chess sets giving them additional protection to keep the weights from loosening up or falling out. These chessmen combine the traditional Staunton style with the durability of plastic. They are triple weighted with felt bottoms and feature black and ivory pieces. The Staunton design has become the standard for tournament play. The pieces are easily distinguishable making for easier game play. Knights are made to resemble the head and neck of a horse. Kings are the tallest pieces featuring a cross atop a closed crown. Queens are slightly smaller than the kings, and feature a coronet topped with a small ball. Rooks feature castle battlements, and bishops resemble a liturgical headdress of a western church. Pawns are the smallest and are topped by a large ball. The pieces which represent humans (the king, queen, bishop, and pawn) feature a collar which separates the body from the head design. These will be enjoyed for years to come.

Extra Queens are included with this set.

This set includes a silicone roll-up chess board. It is designed to make transport for a larger chess set much easier than a flat or folding board and is the newest technology for wrinkle-free chess boards. Because silicone is baked, once it is set it can never lose its shape, so you will never have to worry about the board curling. It is also thinner, making it easier to put in a larger variety of chess storage bags. This board is machine washable. Mousepad chess boards are quickly becoming a favorite among chess enthusiasts because they have a soft surface with a thicker board than a vinyl or silicone chess mat, they always lay flat, and they do not slide around due to the grippy bottom. Because the board doesn’t slide around during play, this type of board is preferred by fast chess players for rapid chess, blitz chess, and bullet chess when less time than normal tournament play is allotted to the players. The padded surface of the board also extends the life of weighted chess pieces. The board can be rolled-up to fit inside a chess bag.

There are several optional extras available at an additional discount when purchased with a set:

Chess bags are not necessary, but can be helpful for transport.
A "Loop" bag is a small, zippered nylon pouch for the pieces, with a nylon loop on the bottom that you can slide a roll-up chess board through.
A "Long" bag includes several extras - individual pouches hold the pieces, and there is a place to put a chess clock. The board is also secured within.

We also have a variety of digital and analog chess clocks available.

  • King Height: 3 3/4"
  • King Weight: 3.1 oz
  • King Base: 1 5/8"
  • Overall Board Dimensions: 20" x 20"
  • Square Size: 2 1/4"

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