4" MoW Honey Rosewood Imperator Staunton Chess Pieces

Product Code: 23-06VH
4" MoW Honey Rosewood Imperator Staunton Chess Pieces

4" MoW Honey Rosewood Imperator Staunton Chess Pieces

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Product Code: 23-06VH

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4" Mark of Westminster Honey Rosewood Imperator Staunton Chess Pieces

Mark of Westminster Chess Pieces are the paradigm of perfection in wood staunton chess piece design. The premier chess pieces by Mark Of Westminster have been known for their heirloom quality. Each chess set is exclusive with a lifetime warranty for natural defect. Each chess piece is hand-carved, has felted-bottoms and extra queens. 

The Imperator design has a very classic chess piece style with the right amount of ornate detail. These chess pieces are Honey Rosewood and Boxwood, which is often paired with Walnut, Teak, or other light to medium brown wood chess boards. Honey Rosewood Chess Pieces are a soft, easy to work with light to medium brown wood. There is a fair amount of grain, and is an excellent choice if you want an inexpensive natural look. Boxwood Chess Pieces are the near universal standard for 'white' chess pieces in hand-carved sets. It is a fairly easy wood to work with, and shows off good detail.

Pieces made in India. Chess board Not Included. Deluxe humidor style storage box optional.

Chess Pieces Details:

King Height King Base Queen Height Bishop Height Knight Height Rook Height Pawn Height
4" 1 9/16" 3 1/4" 3" 2 7/8" 2 3/8" 2 1/8"

Below is a chart of approximate weights of all pieces; please note these are estimates as slight variations can occur in hand carved items.
Wood King Weight Queen Weight Bishop Weight Knight Weight Rook Weight Pawn Weight
Honey Rosewood 1.97 oz 1.78 oz 1.35 oz 1.42 oz 1.36 oz 0.90 oz
Boxwood 2.01 oz 1.70 oz 1.33 oz 1.54 oz 1.49 oz 0.87 oz
  • King Height: 4"
  • King Weight: 1.97 oz
  • King Base: 1 9/16"
  • Recommended Square Size: 2" - 2 1/4"

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