Robert J. Pawlak is one of the most widely read reviewers on chess software and digital products. He has gained a reputation for providing competent, non-biased reviews on various chess software products, from various developers. We are proud to be able to bring your his reviews for your enjoyment and education.

Please Note that these reviews are of many old versions or now out of print chess software.

As such, some of the products reviewed may NOT be available from Your Move Chess & Games. These are largely archive reviews which are presented here for informational purposes and for your enjoyment, and are presented here in a non-biased form.

The opinions and views expressed in the articles below are solely those of the author and do not necessarily express the views or opinions of Your Move Chess & Games /, or ICD Corporation.

Table of Contents

ABC's of Chess Openings
Advanced Chess School
Alexander Alekhine 4th World Champion CD
Basic Principles of Chess Strategy, Vol. 1
Bookup 1.5.3
Bookup 2000 Professional
Chess Academy 2000
Chess Assistant 5.0
Chess Assistant Encyclopedia of Semiclosed Games, Vol. 1
Chess Assistant Openings 1.0
Chess Genius 1.2 for Palm Pilot
Chess Openings 2000
Chess Puzzles Review
Chess Tactics for Beginners for Win95/98/NT
ChessBase 7
ChessBase 8
Chessbase Opening Encyclopedia 2002
Chessbase Magazine 76
Chessbase Endgame Turbo
ChessMaster 8000
Chessvision 1.2
Chess Assistant Nalimov Endgame CD Collection
Chronos & DGT Gametimer 2000
CTART 3.0 for Win95/98/NT
DGT Autosensory Chess Board
Encyclopedia of Middlegame 1.0 for Win9x/NT
Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders
Endgame Study Database 2000
Fritz 6.0
Fritz Powerbook 2001
Intensive Course Tactics
Junior 6.0
Lost Boys CPS
Nimzo 8
Opposite Colored Bishop Endgames CD
Rebel Century
Rebel ECTool Version 6
Rebel Tiger 12
Rebel 10
School 1.0
Studies 2.0 for Win 95/NT
Strategy 1.0
Strategy 2.0
Mikhail Tal 8th World Champion CD
Total Chess Training
WM Paket 2001

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