Here is a quick reference chart for sizing chess pieces to a chess board.

Sizing Guideline
Quick Chart
Chess Pieces Size - (KING HEIGHT IN INCHES)
2.25" - 2.75" 2.75" - 3.5" 3.5" - 4" 4" - 6"
Chess Board
Square Size
1 1/4" Small

1 3/8" Medium

1 1/2" Large Small

1 3/4"

Large Small
2 1/4"

2 3/8"

Large Small
2 1/2"

2 3/4"


The chart above gives a range of chess pieces and chess boards. It uses the king heights and an approximation of the base diameters of the king, versus the chessboard size. This is only a guideline, and therefore, there will be some chess sets that will not work with this chart. Please read the complete text for a more comprehensive understanding of sizing.

Denotes the king height range for the chess pieces in inches.

Denotes the playing square size for the chess board in inches.

Use this for smaller base diameter chess pieces.

Use this for medium base diameter chess pieces.

Use this for larger base diameter chess pieces.
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