Chess Sets and Pieces of all shapes, sizes, and materials Here you'll find our subcategories of chess sets and pieces, but if you need more information about the options available just read on. We have many diverse chess boards and chess pieces for sale, and we include descriptions of each category, so you know what products to expect.. Chess Sets Shop Now Chess Pieces Shop Now Chess Set Categories Chess Pieces Categories Chess Sets and Chess Pieces of all shapes, sizes, and materials Here are just some of the types of chess sets you'll find in our store. Staunton Chess Sets and Chess Pieces With hundreds of chess pieces and chess boards, it is often difficult to decide which chess set and pieces are right for you. Our experts have taken a selection of the exclusive "Mark of Westminster" chess pieces and chess boards and combined them to make chess sets ideal for both display and play. Shop Now Theme Chess Sets and Chess Pieces There are chess sets for almost any theme you can imagine, from American history chess sets to fantasy chess sets. Some come with both the chess board and pieces, but many allow you to customize to find the perfect theme or artistic chess set. We offer recommended options for the right board for your pieces. Shop Now Flat Chess Sets with Chess Pieces and Chess Board It can be very difficult selecting the right chess pieces and chess set. We have a selection of traditional Staunton chess sets complete with chess pieces and chess board to help make choosing easier. Shop Now Folding Chess Sets with Storage Perfect for children and adults, our folding chess sets are traditional designs that are self-contained with compartmentalized storage for the chess pieces and come in sizes ranging from small and portable to tournament size. Shop Now Magnetic and Small Portable Chess Sets On the go? We have a wide variety of magnetic and portable chess sets and pieces perfect for the chess player who wants to continue to hone his or her game while on the move. Ideal for commuters or travel on trains, planes, or buses. Shop Now Tournament Chess Sets For both casual and professional players, our tournament combination chess game sets are extremely affordable and include options for everything you need to get started: plastic chess pieces, chess bags, vinyl chess boards, and chess clocks. Shop Now Marble Chess Sets Our marble chess sets use a variety of colors from the traditional to the exotic, creating a bold statement that can complement any home. These handcrafted chess pieces ensure that no two will ever be exactly the same, and they come in a variety of styles. Shop Now Unique Chess Sets We've travelled the world to find some of the most unusual and exotic chess sets around. When we can't find a proper category for them on our chess store website, we put them here. With this collection, you can buy chess pieces that reflect your own unique personality. You will find a large selection of chess sets in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. Shop Now Instructional and Teaching Chess Sets Not sure of the rules of chess? New to the game? Instructional chess sets have aids to help the beginner, both young and old, learn the basic rules of chess. These sets have visual aids, books, and other chess supplies to help memory and learning for the first time. Shop Now Multiple Game Combination Sets Want more than just chess? Our multi-game chess sets include other games, such as checkers, backgammon, dominoes, cribbage, Chinese checkers, go, and more. Shop Now Oversized and Outdoor Chess Sets For patio, lawn, or even indoor use, we have a selection of larger sized chess game sets specifically designed for use outdoors. Shop Now Variant Chess Sets Looking for something different from a standard chess set? Tired of sitting on the sidelines while watching your friends play? Chess variants include games similar to chess with unique rules, options for multiple players, or other games inspired by chess. Shop Now