Q: Why Don't All Chess Pieces Come with Storage Boxes?

Steve Schwartz

This is a popular question. The answer has to do with the fact that many chess piece manufacturers do not manufacture chess piece storage boxes, but, more importantly, not everyone wants or needs a storage box for the chess pieces.

Why? Well, the great majority of people who buy chess sets are putting them on display in their homes and offices, and they will never need to store them anywhere.

Should a chess box be part of the sale, we invariably get asked if they can have money back instead of the box. Then there are those who, if offered a box, would opt for a nicer box, so we have to make trades and collect more money, occasionally.

Then there is the problem with having to sell the left over boxes, something that is difficult when we have such a wide variety of other boxes to offer.

The best solution for everyone is that chess piece storage boxes be offered as options. Those who want them may choose the exact one that fits their needs, and those who do not are not forced to pay for something that they will never use.

We do sell a handful of chess pieces with storage boxes. If you browse around our chess pieces, you will see them, or click HERE to see our Chess Box Collection.

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