Chess Board Buying Guide these chess pieces fit perfectly Choosing a Chess Board: Chess Board Guide If you've been looking for a massive selection of chess boards, you've come to the right place. The problem is there might be too many options! This handy guide will introduce you to different types of chess boards and help you find the right one for your needs. Our Chess Board Collection Feeling overwhelmed?  We don't blame you. We have hundreds of different board types, suitable for any taste. While some are looking for high-luxury items such as the exclusive, elite Mark of Westminster line as a suitable match for display or heirloom quality chess pieces, others are looking for a basic wooden chessboard simply suitable to play a nice game of chess with. Others like opulent display pieces that are a focal point on their own. With all our different types of boards of so many different sizes, you really are guaranteed to find a something to fit your needs. We know that creating unique chess sets, or finding the right chess board for your chess pieces is not easy, so we have included a few helpful articles that can help..
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If you already have your chess pieces, this is by far the best way to find the right chess board. This guide is not exact, but should point you to the right direction in finding the right size option to go with your pieces. Once you have a good idea which size board is best, just click on the size below to see all of your options!

Boards with 1 1/2" squares (suitable for most chess pieces 2 1/2" tall)
Boards with 1 3/4" squares (suitable for most chess pieces 3" - 3 1/2" tall)
Boards with 2" squares (suitable for most chess pieces 3 1/2" - 4" tall)
Boards with 2 1/4" squares (suitable for most chess pieces 4" - 4 1/2" tall)
Boards with 2 1/2" or larger squares

Detailed information about the different types of boards these chess pieces fit perfectly Types of Chess Boards Mark of Westminster Boards Ranging from the affordable Executive Series to the premier Presidential Series, this exclusive line of high luxury items are always heirloom quality and made for nearly any budget: Different size borders allow flexibility with size of matching chess pieces and the added touch of bringing additional colors to the edge allows them to compliment a wide range of wooden chessmen.

The Executive Series chessboards feature Mark of Westminster quality in remarkable prices compared to many of the other available options on the market. One of our favorite types of boards, these have a smaller border making them ideal for tight spaces. Thie smaller border can save 2" or more off the overall board size which is great when attempting to get a full sized tournament chess set on a smaller board profile.  The Executive series comes in a number of woods but all feature a black pinstripe - this handsome addition makes the boards go well with virtually anything. These boards are available with a square from 1.5" - 2.5" in diameter.

The Presidential Series feature Mark of Westminster quality for the collector or true connoisseur. These are the more top-of-the-line types of boards that are thicker than most with a unique edging in addition to a mosaic around the playing surface. They are thicker and heavier than the other boards and the black bevelled edging looks particularly luxurious. They mosaic featured brings in different colors as well to make sure it compliments the chessmen regardless of whether you are trying to contrast or color match the set.  These boards are available with a square size from 1.75" - 2.25".

these chess pieces fit perfectly Types of Chess Boards Standard Chess Boards For those looking for an inexpensive, no frills option, we also have a large selection of economically priced boards in a variety of styles and sizes. These are great for when you need a board to play the game, but not necessarily an option you need to leave out on display.

That being said, you certainly can still have a perfectly handsome board with it being quite affordable!  We have a wide range of these economical boards; many of them are made with mdf bases as opposed to real wood bases as well as opting for inexpensive thinner veneers as opposed to the real-wood veneers of most luxury boards. When choosing a chess set, it is quite common to want to focus on the chess pieces first; in this case you get the nicest pieces you can and an inexpensive chess board. Most of the time, the value and detail of the pieces brings the perception of the board upwards.  Of course, you could also opt to "trade up" the chess board at a later date.

these chess pieces fit perfectly Types of Chess Boards Unique Chess Boards We have other unique styles boards, such as a thematic, raised, colorful inlays, hi-gloss, and stone as well as thematic metal chess boards imported from Europe. We also have an upright chess board option that is built to go on the wall for those with no table space at all!

There are too many unique style boards to name, and truth be told it has become a catch-all for all the wild and wonderful chess boards we find - there are pyramidal and 'arena' boards with added depth, leatherette boards for an old-world feel, and for that extra "pop". There are many high-gloss options that are sure to stand out, available in a variety of natural woods and lacquered colors from a traditional glossy black to red, blue, grey and green - choices that go great with modern designs and theme chess pieces.

these chess pieces fit perfectly Types of Chess Boards Storage Chess Boards While not the most popular choice, we do have some boards with storage built in for those who can not leave their chess set on display. We have a full selection of boards built with storage for both traditional staunton and exotic theme chess pieces of most sizes.

The issue with storage boards is that it is often an impercise system to hold chess pieces unless the board and pieces come packaged. Many will have a bare compartment that is more suitable for temporarily placing taken chess pieces as opposed to permanently storing chessmen when not in use.  Sometimes the compartments are too big, or not big enough for the width of the piece. While sometimes they are felt lined, this is often not enough to protect the more delicate features of high-end chess pieces.  We generally recommend letting those chess pieces be left on display and using a separate chess case or box if necessary.

these chess pieces fit perfectly Types of Chess Boards Chess Tables and Other There are a number of chess tables in a variety of styles and sizes. Be it a large chess table for a game room or a cement table for outdoor play, we have it here. Of course, if you are looking for more than chess, there are many chess tables that have other games included, such as reversible tops for backgammon. We also have wall style chess boards for vertical play. More about our Chess Boards Learn More CHESS SETS FROM AMERICA'S LARGEST CHESS STORE these chess pieces fit perfectly ChessUSA Your Move Chess & Games Chess USA is America's leading retailer of chess sets, chess pieces, chess boards, and more. In fact, for 30 years Your Move Chess & Games has been the leading retailer of all things chess! Not everyone can view the hundreds of chess sets we have on display in our New York Chess Store, which is why we strive to have the most detailed chess website anywhere on the internet. After All, with hundreds of chess sets, chess boards, chess pieces, club chess accessories and more, we need to be detailed! No matter what you are looking for, from chess set or tournament chess supplies, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help. Your Move Chess & Games, America's Largest Chess Set Store. It's Your Move!