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Tyrant Staunton Chess Pieces Review

The Tyrant Staunton Chess Collection

We’ve gotten some exciting and fantastic new chess pieces, and no matter how many photos we take, they can only tell so much. This year we have started doing video reviews for some our new arrivals and old favorites. Today i’m looking at the Tyrant Staunton – not only is this a brand new design, it was dreamed up right here in our store.

The Tyrant Staunton Chess Pieces

The Tyrant Staunton chessmen are very unique due to a very noticeable feature. Instead of the traditional bust of a horse for the knight piece, the Tyrant chess pieces feature the bust of a ferocious dragon! This uniquely carved chess piece has great detail from the scales on his sides to the teeth in his mouth, and features curved bone horns atop the head. This is a well weighted set that otherwise conforms to a unique but easily identifiable staunton design. What is amazing is that this set allows a bit of fantasy without becoming over the top and unrecognizable like you see in fully thematic chess pieces. No one will be confused by which piece is which.

These chessmen are available in Ebony and Boxwood, Padouk and Boxwood, and a fantastic combination of Ebonywood and Padouk. The pieces feature a 4.5″ King height that weights approximately 4.3oz. In total, the set is about six pounds. Each set of Tyrant Staunton chess pieces come with felt bottoms, extra queens, and certificate of authenticity. This set is incredible unique and exclusive – for our first production we only had three of each combination made! While they are available on our website as pieces, we also offer all four variations as sets as well.

Tyrant Staunton Chess Pieces

4 1/2″ Padouk and Boxwood Tyrant Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces
4 1/2″ Ebony and Boxwood Tyrant Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces
4 1/2″ Ebony and Padouk Tyrant Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces

The Tyrant Staunton Chess Sets

We offer these chess pieces paired with chess boards that make a perfect fit for a fantastic display. The Ebony Tyrant Staunton is paired with a glossy Italian Elm Root Chess Board, and the Padouk version is matched with a MoW Presidential Chess Board in black and white. The Padouk and Ebony version is paired with the MoW Presidential Chess Board that is red and black, complimenting this unique set up of pieces. These combinations are fantastic, but of course you can mix and match these pieces to any board of your liking.

The Tyrant Staunton Chess Sets

4 1/2″ Padouk Tyrant Staunton Luxury Chess Set
4 1/2″ Ebony Tyrant Staunton Luxury Chess Set
4 1/2″ Ebony and Padouk Tyrant Staunton Luxury Chess Set

If you would like to make your own set, there are several other great options. You can use either a chess board you already own, or look through the many options we carry. If you prefer to create your own chess set, it’s easy – choose a chess board that goes well with your decor. The chess pieces should show some contrast to the board, this lets them stand out and shine in any environment. Remember, the chess pieces are a work of art and should always shine. When choosing a board, the larger tournament size chess pieces should be paired with an 2 1/4″ chess board.

I hope you like these amazing chess pieces. If you purchase them, please take pictures of your own creations so we can show your set off!

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