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Ebay Bonanza and preparing for new Chess Video Reviews!

Our Chess Store

Your Move Chess & Games eBay Extravaganza and Summer Chess Sale Blowout – Final Days!

Greetings from ChessUSA!

We’re just a short time away from some really exciting new chess pieces – the first of a luxury line of exclusive staunton chess pieces developed in house and available for the first time, as well as some intriguing and amazing new artistic designs of luxurious chess boards and sets. As part of a greater revamp, we’ll be doing something new: Video reviews of these new chess items (and then perhaps some video reviews of the old as well! Stay tuned, as the first of these will appear on our youtube channel and website very soon.

But Today – Our Biggest eBay Sale Ever!

Before our new items, it’s the final time for the old. For years we’ve maintained a healthy amount of scratch and dent, factory seconds, and overstock items on our eBay page. In order to fully prepare for our new line up, we need it all gone – once and for all. Rachel, who has been so kind to organize our eBay auctions over the past years is also moving on later in the year – so this is it.

Over 200 Items on eBay… Right now.

This is the time to get a huge assortment of chess items at auctions starting well below our cost. It’s just time to move them out the door. We have hundreds of items up already, and many more to appear before the week is through.

ChessUSA’s Summer eBay Blowout – Click for Current Listings

Our ebay listings include wooden chess pieces and boards, theme chess sets, unique and discontinued items, and much more. The first batch of auctions will be ending this weekend, and with Rachel leaving, there is very little we’re holding back.

As always, we’re happy to combine shipping when possible, and in-store pickups are also available.

Our Chess Store

What about the rest of the cool chess stuff?

These auctions are not long, and we have many ‘buy it now’ items if you’re not willing to wait. We know not everyone is comfortable with eBay, so we do offer another options – don’t forget to check our sales and discount pagse for new reduced and discontinued chess items on our site – this includes amazing, hand carved wooden chess pieces for as much as 50% off. These are discontinued items and are otherwise new.

Staunton Chess Pieces – up to 50% off

Assorted Chess Boards – up to 50% off

Theme Chess Pieces – up to 50% off

If you STILL haven’t found what you’re looking for – you can order anything directly on our website this week for a 15% discount. No exceptions. Just enter the coupon code CHESSBLOWOUT during our checkout page this week.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. We’ll be offering a preview of some of these new arrivals soon, but if you’ve been waiting for the right time to find unbeatable prices, this is it!

Our Chess Store

2 comments to Ebay Bonanza and preparing for new Chess Video Reviews!

  • Please send this to my husband . He has been playing chess for many years. Belongs to Manhattan Chess Club. Use to teach chess. Do you have books? He has been looking for books of old chess players. I know he really want any books about Paul Morphy from the French Quarter in New Orleans. Thank you.!

    • Feel free to send him a link! We do have some books, but not a lot – back in the old store we had a ton more, but times have changed, I guess. Nowerdays books are largely available on amazon so we usually just stick with more basic books and workbook/training chess books. There is a facebook group of chess book collectors – you should check them out!

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