NOTE:  This is a very old commentary on SSDF Chess Ratings, it is not current.

Stefan Meyer-Kahlen continues to keep the first place of the SSDF Rating List! Now with Shredder 9.0 UCI A1200 MHz, which after 704 games has a rating of 2821. That is sixteen points ahead of Shredder 8.0 CB, from the same author. The opening book of Shredder 9.0 UCI is made by Sandro Necchi.

Ed Schröder now provides a freeware version of his former commercial Rebel program! It's named Pro Deo 1.1, and run on Athlon 1200 MHz it has received a rating of 2723, which is 41 points ahead of Rebel 12.0 on the same hardware. Pro Deo 1.1 can be used under different GUIs like ChessBase, Chess Partner and Arena. When we started to play with Pro Deo 1.1, we somehow managed to use a three years older and weaker version.. That forced us to restart the testing, which partly explains why this Rating List appears later than expected.

When the SSDF Rating List once started in 1984, we only tested ordinary chess computers. Later on we switched to chess programs for PCs and a couple of times we have also tested programs for handheld computers like Palm. Now we have for the first time tested a chess program for a mobile phone, Siemens SX1! It is equipped with a processor from Texas Instruments named OMAP 310 running on 120 MHz. OMAP 310 is a 32-bit processor based on ARM-9 core.

The program which we have tested is Chess Genius 1.4, written by Richard Lang. So far we have played 116 games, and it's rating is 2162. That makes it a stronger entrant than those two which we have tested on Palm m515.

On the next Rating List we will include Hiarcs 9.5a on a Palm Tungsten E OMAP 126 MHz.

Thoralf Karlsson

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