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Chess Resources

Our Chess Facebook Page
ChessUSA's facebook page - information on our chess sets, chess specials, and more.

Chess Musings
An informational Chess blog covering all sorts of topics.

The Chess Blog
The UK Chess Blogger Chess blog: tons of interesting chess related posts.

Chess Teacher Lessons
Chess Teacher Lessons is about free chess instructions and exercises for teachers and players.

US Chess Federation
Includes news, tournament information, publications, club listings, online store, ratings, top players, club rules, and links.

Free Chess Games Download
Play Chess Online at Chess Beast

Play Board Games Online
At you can play 25 different online classic and modern board games against other human players. Games include chess, checkers, and backgammon

Traditional Board Games
Classic Games and toys including chess boards/sets, card games, puzzles and more

Online Chess University
IChessU is an international chess university that provides full interactive live chess courses online. The lessons are taught by real teachers and grandmasters.

Games Champ
Excellent resource of articles related to a wide variety of games

Staunton Chess Sets
A website devoted to the legendary Staunton chessmen and the man who's name endorsed them

The Isle of Lewis Chess Set
A website devoted to famous Isle of Lewis Chess Set

Chess Rules Translated
Our basic Chess Rules translated.

Dan Heisman Chess Page
Lots of information on Chess Training

The Russian Chess Gallery
Site with images of many chess sets, located in Russia

Chess Resources

Chess Kids
Teach your kids how to play chess with our free online chess course

Chess Strategy Online
Chess Strategy, Openings, Chess Games and more

Chess Training
Coach yourself online: chess tactics, chess combinations, openings, lectures, history, and games.

Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day
Free chess problems and logic puzzles

Sound Chess
SoundChess is an e-mail chess application. Your move can be made through a touch of your mouse. Enjoy your game. We thank you for playing!

Learning Chess Area
Learn chess from the masters, free chess tips online, chess strategy, training programs, books, and more.

Caissa's Web
Play chess right in your browser

Gambit Chess
Specialty site devoted to chess players who enjoy playing various opening gambits

The Chess Drum
Online chess magazine championing the success of black chess players around the world

World Chess Network
Where the world plays chess

Chess Clan
Play online correspondence chess for free. No downloads required.

Chess Clubs

Internet Chess Club
The world's most active Internet Chess Club

NY Chess Association
the home site of the NYSCA (New York State Chess Association).

Fédération québécoise des échecs (FQE)
The Quebec Chess Federation

The MetroWest Chess Club
The largest weeknight chess club in New England. The USCF 2002 Chess Club of the Year

Burlington Chess Club
Located in Burlington/Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

IECC Correspondence Chess Club
The International E-Mail Chess Club (IECC) A free worldwide e-mail chess organization with over 4,000 members.

Colorado Chess
Dedicated to displaying and analyzing games of Colorado Chess Players

Caissa Woluwe Chess Club
First Belgian chess club on the net

Chinese Culture and Games (Chinese Chess)
Informational site about chinese culture. Includes section on chinese chess

Chess Portals and Game Information

MECCA - Chess Encyclopedia
La Mecca, the first real Encyclopedia of Chess on the Internet

Logical Chess
A chess players emporium containing chess tutorial, lessons, best games, book and software reviews, and more.

Steve Pribut's Chess Page
FAQ files for and, plus help for newbies, ratings, reviews, news, and more

Correspondence Chess League of America
CCLA runs a wide variety of tournaments, and publishes the award-winning chess correspondent

The Chess Portal
A huge collection of chess related links sorted by categories and subcategories

Chess Products and Software
Chess Assistant help and downloads from Robert Pawlak

Chicago Point Backgammon Online
A prime source of online backgammon information

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