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Traditional Chess Sets - Chess Pieces with Flat Chessboard included

We carry an amazing selection of chess sets that should fit any need, and while we have hundreds of chess pieces and chessboard combinations you can choose, we understand finding the right match can be very difficult. This category contains several options for you where everything is included for a display chess set, with a wide range in both price and material. If you are feeling overwhelmed, these sets are a good start as all are sized correctly and make great display pieces.

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Code: 4A-MA1
List Price: $249.95
Price: $237.45
Code: 4A-303
Price: $249.90
Code: 4A-311
Price: $269.95
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Code: 4A-313
Price: $299.90
Code: 4A-105
List Price: $369.95
Price: $332.96
Code: 4A-102
List Price: $399.95
Price: $349.95
Code: 4A-315
Price: $409.90
Code: 4A-308
Price: $439.90
Code: 4A-314
List Price: $529.95
Price: $476.96