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Hurricane Sandy – Chess Store Downtime

I just wanted to briefly post about Hurricane Sandy – as you well may know, our chess store is located on Long Island and is thus right in the middle of it all.

Due to that,  our access to the store has been seriously restricted.  Although we’ve been out of operation for a couple of days, the store has now reopened but it will take some time to get everything back to 100%.  Things are slowly getting back to normal and I appreciate all of the well-wishes, thoughts, and prayers from everyone.  As you can imagine, there is a bit of a backlog of stuff to take care of,  but we should be caught up by the beginning of next week.

The retail store is now open again, and we’re hoping to have our shipping up and organized by tomorrow at the latest.

While we do have power and phone service, the phone is overloaded so we strongly recommend emailing us at for any questions.  Interestingly enough, our phones are not actually ringing when someone calls in!

We apologize for any delays in service.

All of us here in the Chess USA / Your Move Chess family send our own thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes to everyone affected by this monstrous storm.

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