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Our Chess Store Tour and Upcoming Video Blog

Chess Store Video Tour – Chess USA

It’s been a hectic few days here at the chess store, but despite the storm the show must go on, and with that in mind I wanted to keep up with our chess blog.

Sometimes when you are purchasing on the internet, you do not know who you’re buying from – and with this day and age of more and more warehouse only or drop ship based internet outlets, I thought it would be nice for everyone to see who we are and where the chess set you purchased came from.  That’s why there is that big picture of our store front on our website!

With that in mind, we completed a fun little project which culminated in our very first youtube video, which you can see above.  The idea was simple – although most of our current business is mail order, I always thought that the fact that we have an actual brick and mortar chess store is one of our best features that help us stand out.  I wanted those of you who could not come in and visit our store in person to see our chess sets still be able to get an idea of what your move chess & games looks like, and is all about.

Making of a Chess Store Video

Making the video was a lot of fun – i’m not the most videogenic person, and this took a lot of takes!  We’re not professionals and we wanted to do the best we could, so we had to get creative.  To get shots of the chess pieces, we strapped an iphone to an over sized outdoor chess piece, put it on a long board, and slowly rolled it down the aisle.

This worked to some extent but as you can see when we’re looking at the theme chess sets and chess boards there are some bumps in the floor that we could not avoid.  Later, we just panned shots to get some of our board games and unique chess sets – but it worked pretty well in the end.

Obviously, we had some trouble with the sound quality outside of the store – our video editing was not good enough to remove the background noise, so we ultimately just decided to live with it.  Maybe next time our methods will improve.  (There was one particular alternate take in which my introduction starts amid a chess game – perhaps i’ll have the one uploaded as an outtake later on).

In any case, this was just the beginning – now that we know we can do it, we’re looking to put out a lot more videos, both on youtube and here on the chess blog.

What’s next for our chess videos?

Well, this opens us up to a lot of exciting options.  We have a lot of cool videos in store for you, and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I’ll enjoying making them.  Some of our current ideas:

  • Chess Set / Chess Pieces reviews.  Instead of just a few photos, let me show you the item out of the box and give a comprehensive review of the item.
  • Chess Comparisons.  To go along with other buying guides, the fact is it is hard to see some of the chess sets side by side.  I can do that now!
  • Chess Lessons.  We’ve always had a quick and easy primer to chess sets on our website.  Now we can not only go over the basics, but perhaps introduce some opening moves, chess concepts and strategies, or other thoughts.  We might even be able to leave you with a chess puzzle or two!

As you can see, there’s a lot in store from Your Move Chess & Games. If there is anything you’d like us to do a video of, let us know and i’ll do what I can.

Stay tuned!

Quentin Turner


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