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Welcome to our blog.

I’ve been working here at Your Move Chess and Games for over half my life now, and one of the things I have appreciated about this business is not only how unique we are as a business, but also our drive to adapt and change over time so we can stay relevant. So, with that in mind – after 34 years in business we’re taking the social media plunge, starting with a blog written by yours truly.

So, what can you expect from a chess store blog?

That’s a great question, and in all honesty one I have had to think about for some time. After all – we’re primarily a retail store – how does a store have a blog that isn’t just one big advertisement? We already promote chess news and events on our Facebook page, so I wanted something more. How can ChessUSA be different from all the other chess companies floating around the internet?

The most I thought about it, the more I realized there was I could talk about. All I really had to do was think about myself and the sort of things I’m interested in, and see how I can make those ideas translate well to the page.  I want to develop a community – not just in promoting products we sell, but also an avenue to provide insight about who we are and what we do – we can answer questions about chess, introduce people to new games, even share a little bit about myself and the other folks that work here and some stories from the chess store itself.

The idea is something for everyone.  When I run a casual gaming night at my local coffee shop, I’ll try and blog about it (if you’re interested in learning about games).  I know it can be hard to find the right chess sets on the internet – so if you’re looking for product reviews, I’ll have em’.  Interested in some of the really unusual chess sets I’ve seen over the years and across the globe (yep – if I go on vacation I end up taking chess photos) – check.   Want to learn some new games?  Want a place to hear about what is new in chess and/or gaming community? Want to see some of the chess basics explained in a very easy way? Your wish is my command!

Want to be more involved?  Excellent!  If you have a product review or experience in gaming you would like to share, I want to hear from you. Heck, if you have any good/funny/interesting/surprising chess stories (or other board games – don’t forget the “& Games” part of the store name), shoot me an email or a comment. I think I can learn just as much, if not more, from the stories everyone else has to tell.

That’s what community is all about.

I realized pretty quickly this process can get overwhelming.  I’ve already got some video blogging planned for product reviews, a tour of the store, and some Q&A’s (oh boy, those will certainly be something to see – I’m not exactly known for my camera presence!).  That being said, I think there might be more people are interested in – If you have any ideas or thoughts, I want to know what you would look for, expect in, or want from a chess blog.

Looking forward to it!

Quentin Turner

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  • Patricia Morgan

    When my husband passed away I found a Crystal Chess set and a Crystal Chess and checkers set. The sets are in very good condition, the boxes in fair condition. How do I :* about selling them.

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