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New Chess Sets and some old favorites

New Arrivals at our Chess Store and Holiday Restock

The holidays are fast approaching and that means it is the time of year where we get in our major restocks for most of our chess sets. It also means it’s the time of year we get a whole bunch of new items! Without further ado, here are a few new chess sets that are sure to impress!

Deluxe Luxury Brass Chess Set

Brass Chessmen and Metal Chessboard

Our new brass staunton chess set – amazing, ultraweight pieces that fit well on our imported greek metal chess board!

Pretty impressive, right? This tournament sized brass staunton chess set includes ultraweight brass chess pieces, felt bottoms, and extra queens. The king is an amazing 4.8 oz, and the whole set is 7.8lbs!

While we offer it with a metal board, the chess pieces are also available on their own to pair with another metal chess board, the wood chess board, or chess table of your choice.

Want to know more? See the new brass pieces (without board) here.

Metal Chessmen with Marble Board

Metal Chessmen with Marble Chessboard

This set combines modern and rustic design with stylized metal pieces and a rustic marble board.

Another new metal option are these modern metal pieces paired with a rustic marble chess board. The styling makes it a great blend of old and new and is a unique display that is also fit for playing. Just be wary of the styling difference between the king and queen, the first time we played with the set I mistook the two modern design pieces for each other!

Like the brass staunton pieces, these chessmen are also available on their own to pair with your own board choice.

Want to know more? See the new metal pieces (without board) here.

Huge Imperator Staunton Chess Set

Massive Ebonized Chessmen with board

Our Imperator chessmen have grown, and have a well proportioned board to match, making our largest chess set combination to date.

And finally, the largest chess set pairing we have to date. This set combines an absolutely huge ebonized version of our very popular “Imperator” design chess pieces. If you’re looking for something overwhelmingly impressive, this may be the set for you. The king is five inches tall and heavily weighted at 4.2 ounces. Unlike some other large chess pieces, the care in design is apparent and equal to that of our 4″ and 3″ versions. It is a very classy style of knight reminiscent of the traditional staunton pattern with just a little bit of extra detail to make it look great (and expensive!) yet not over the top. It sits on an Executive Style Wengue and Maple chess board with a 2 1/2″ square, which measures 24″ from side to side. If you already have a huge chessboard, yes, you’ll find these impressive new chessmen in our over-sized piece collection.

Want to know more? See the new huge pieces (without board) here.

Old Favorites!

Not only did we get in several new items, we also restocked some of our most popular sets such as the Tournament size French and German design pieces – probably the best bang for your buck out there for weighted, tournament size hand carved wooden chessmen with leather bottoms and extra queens. You’ll find all of our combined chess boards and pieces on our website here:

Ready to see them all? Click here to see all of our flat chess set collection here

This won’t be the last of our new arrivals this holiday. Stay tuned – I hear we have more than ten designs of theme chess pieces inbound that should arrive within the next month!

Quentin Turner

Our Chess Store

See our chess store, and our chess website, here!

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