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New Chess Pieces – November 2013

Please welcome some of our New Chess arrivals – and some old favorites return!

Every year, we get a ton of new chess sets, boards, pieces, and board games for our ever expanding collection. As of today, we carry over 1950 unique items on our website, with countless combinations of chess pieces and boards available.

While we cannot highlight ever new set that arrives, we just received a sizeable assortment of theme chessmen to our retail store – as well as the return of a few old favorites as well. We thought you’d like to be the first to see what’s new at the chess store.

2 1/2″ Gold and Silver Metal Staunton

Gold and Silver Metal Chessmen

This is our new 2 1/2″ Gold and Silver Metal Staunton Pieces

For a long time, people have been asking for more traditional staunton metal chess options. After bringing in the 4″ Brass Set earlier this year, as well as the somewhat modern 3 1/2″ Metal ‘cap’ design, we now have a 2 1/2″ true staunton design. We’ve also paired it with an aluminum storage board as well for a chess set version.

Other New Sets!

Gold and Silver Metal Chessmen

This new Pewter Fantasy Chess Set has an amazing detailed battlefield below the chessboard.

Wobble Chess Set

This long awaited return of the amazing Wobble Set! These pieces will bounce around and always raise back up. It’s much harder to tip your king!

We’ve gotten in a large number of sets in a large number of styles. You might remember the Wobble Chess Set – it’s one of the most unique chess sets we’ve ever carried and has always been a real eye catcher and centerpiece in our chess store display.

We also have a new pewter and glass fantasy chess set with super heavy pieces that show living and dead fantasy figures including dragons, wizards, and warriors. The glass board floats between two opposing castles with a battleground underneath.

New Theme Chess Pieces that arrived this Month

It’s been a struggle to get a good selection of theme chess sets in the past years, so we’re happy we found a new supplier to bring us some new designs and some old favorites. Better yet, these sets are less expensive than many of the premier alternates we currently offer – These economy class designs might not have quite as vibrant colors or precise paint jobs, but they still are excellent display and conversation pieces that can fill out any collection.

Below is a listing of some of the new sets that have arrived and are now in stock, on display in our chess store, and available to look at on our chess website. There will be some scrolling to do!

World War II Theme Chessmen

World War II Theme Pieces

The return of our ‘western front’ WWII Chess Pieces featuring American and German armies.

American Independence Theme Chessmen

Revolutionary War Chessmen

Another option for the popular revolutionary war theme chess design

Another returning favorite is a classic revolutionary war chess set design. It’s also available in a large, four inch version as well:

Revolutionary War Chessmen

This 4″ version size is best suited for a 2 or 2 1/4″ square size.

American Civil War Chess Pieces

American Civil War Chessmen

A new, economical version for the civil war theme. This one features the wives of Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln as the queens, making it easier to play with as opposed to sets that feature generals as queens.

Crusaders Theme Chessmen

Crusades Chessmen

A great option of a classic crusades chess set featuring King Richard and the European Crusaders against Saladin and his army of Saracens as they fight for control over the Holy Land.

Like the revolutionary war, this set is also available in a large, four inch version as well:

Large Crusaders Chessmen

This 4″ version size is best suited for a 2 or 2 1/4″ square size.

Robin Hood Chess Pieces

Robin Hood Chessmen

A new, economical version of the popular Robin Hood chess pieces

Medieval Knights Chess Pieces

Medieval Knights Chessmen

Another new economical version of a premier set: Our Medieval Knights. This classic design is a great introduction for theme chess.

Samurai Chess Pieces

Samurai Chessmen

A great depiction of two competing houses in feudal Japan who now will vie for control of the chessboard!

Ancient Chinese Dynasty Chess Pieces

Ancient China Chessmen

This new chinese theme set is extremely heavy and a great thematic display. It is a great set for a lover of Ancient China or the corresponding art style.

Pirates Chess Pieces

Pirate Theme Chessmen

This set features pirates and the Royal British navy as they fight for control of the seas – and your chess board!

Fantasy Chess Pieces

Fantasy Theme Chessmen

These large fantasy chessmen pit good versus evil on your chess board!

See all these new arrivals and more – over one thousand more – chess sets, board games, and other classic games such as mah-jong, backgammon, go, and more at our website. Take a look by clicking on the image below!

Our Chess Store

Our Chess Store in Massapequa, NY. Click to come inside!

3 comments to New Chess Pieces – November 2013

  • Greg Cachin

    better that prices should be affordable by the masses, small profit but more sales is good, you should keep the production cost small as possible for us to buy as per our budget.

  • Dennis Williams

    I have a 2008 chess set that looks a lot like the “Pewter Fantasy Chess Set” on your site. I bought it in St. Goar Germany and have lost the white queen in a move to a new home. I am heartbroken about this and would like to know if a white queen can be acquired to match or closely match it. I would be happy to take a photo of my set to give you an idea with the hope that I might acquire a replacement of this lost piece. Would you be willing to help in this endeavor?
    Please let me know. Thanks, Dennis Williams

    • Hi Dennis,

      We might be able to get you a replacement piece. Do you have our item code for the Pewter Fantasy set? it might not be exact but if that set is close, I can definitely check if we can get a single replacement piece from it.

      Feel free to send us an email at [email protected] with the details.


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