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New Chess Games – stay tuned!

New arrivals galore! Over fifty new theme and traditional chess games coming soon…

Spring is always a fun time here at Your Move Chess & Games. Not only is it great to finally leave the cold behind us and bring a chess set outside for passer-bys to have fun with, this is also the time of year where all of those new items we had ordered late last year start to arrive!

There are so many new items coming in, we literally had to knock down a wall to get enough room to put out a few more display tables.

Our Chess Store

Opening up this office gives us a lot of extra space for the showroom!

So? What is new? What is here, and what is coming soon?

It’s a bit too early to reveal everything, but there are more new items this year than from the last two years combined. Take a look – these are just some of the items I need to get photos of to update our website. Wow.

The new arrivals - well, some of them!

It looks like i’m going to be busy taking chess product photos for awhile… oy.

New Chess Boards for 2014

There’s too much to reveal in a blog post, but chess boards have not been left out. Not only will you see the return of the classic “Ebano-Palisander” wood type for our chess boards in both executive and presidential styles, we are reintroducing the fantastical presidential series chessboards in a larger size – 2 1/2″ squares! These massive boards are great for some of the 5″ plus theme and traditional chessmen. As we knew there would be some arrivals coming, we wanted to be prepared…

If that is not enough, we recently received a new shipment from Greece. We get metal chess pieces and chess boards from Greece, and we have a number of new designs in two sizes!

Metal chess boards from Greece

Both oxidized and regular metal boards suitable for small and large chessmen.

All right, all of the boards are not ready and posted yet – but here’s a link to the chess board section of the website. They’ll be there soon!

Click here to see our entire collection of chess boards

Chess Pieces for Spring 2014

Not only do we have a sizable selection of metal theme chess pieces from Greece, we also have a new “Heritage Collection” of Staunton Chess Men. As you can see by the image, there are a lot of sets to measure, weight, and get ready to be posted on the website. Look for them to start to appear as early as next week – they’re in stock now!

new Greek metal chess sets

11 new metal theme chess game designs from medieval to roman stylings.

new heritage collection chessmen

12 new chess piece designs in different woods and sizes!

Click here to see our entire collection of metal chess pieces – the new ones will appear here soon!

The Mark of Westminster Heritage Collection will soon arrive on our staunton chess piece page, as seen here.

Finally, we’ve also reintroduced stocking some of the fabulous theme sets by Mascott Direct. These crushed stone pieces are made in England and have popular themes such as the American Revolution and the Civil War to Sherlock Holmes. We’ve always listed these on our website, but now you can see them in the shop and will soon be able to see much better photos on our website!

new crushed stone theme chessmen

Eleven chess sets from Mascott Direct now available in the store.

Click here to see our entire collection of theme chess pieces – the new ones will appear here soon!

What other chess sets are on the way this year?

Plenty! We have a new shipment from Pakistan of marble chess sets – not just a restock but a new color and size. We also have a huge selection of new board games available – a list that just keeps on growing.

I also understand there are some new plastic chessmen and even chess tables on the way. It certainly is a great time for chess games with tons of old and new suppliers coming up with great new options. I look forward to see what other surprises we receive later this summer.

We even have a new thematic checker set featuring dinosaurs.

It’s definitely an exciting time for new items here at the chess store. Stay tuned and after they are uploaded, you’ll get a chance to see some photos of the new designs.

Our Chess Store

Click Here to get started and view our dozens of chess sets, pieces, boards and more.

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