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ChessUSA Chess Puzzle Of The Day – 10/22/14

Chess Endgame Puzzle – King and Pawn vs King

In this position, White has a clear advantage on the chess board. Black has no pieces left, and White is left with a lone pawn. It is possible to get this Pawn to the back rank, and promote the Pawn to a Queen (or Rook) and checkmate the Black King. Black will try to not let White’s King get passed him, and White will try to force the Black King out of his way. Sometimes in Chess, you are forced to make a move which weakens your position. The term for that, is Zugzwang. It means regardless of which move you make, your position is weakened. White will need to use the Pawn to create that situation.


You must be careful here not to walk into a Stalemate. If you are not careful, Black’s King will be forever stuck in your path to the back rank. How does White convert this advantage into a win?

The solution to this Chess Puzzle will be posted tomorrow, along with a NEW Daily Chess Puzzle. Stay tuned for more tactics, tricks and tips to help improve your chess game.

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