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Your Move Chess & Games in the News

We have been serving the chess community from our New York chess store since 1978.

Our chess store was in the news, and other cool things!

It’s been a busy month here at Your Move Chess & Games. We’ve been slowly cleaning up and recovering from the holiday madness, and it brings us to a time of reflection of where we are, what our plans are, and how we can make things different (and hopefully better).

The process was interrupted a little bit when there was a request from a local newspaper, The Massapequa Observer, came to do a little piece on our chess store.

We’ve actually been in the news several times over the years – Believe it or not, for some reason a lot of people think it is odd to have an actual store that focuses exclusively with selling chess sets and board games survive in both the brick and mortar and web store environments for over 35 years!

The reality is, we are unique, and it’s a good read. There are few stores like us, and I think we’re all really proud of that. Who would have thought that you really can be successful with a retail store focusing on chess pieces and chess sets? It brings back fond memories from when I started here over 15 years ago and lets me reflect on how we’ve changed over the years. Quite a bit, actually!

When we started (before my time) the chess store was more a chess computer store, selling chess computers and old 286 computers. Eventually, we switched to chess computers and chess, eventually adding on all manner of other games as well.

In any case – if you’re interested: Click on the link below to see the entire article in the Massapequa Observer about our chess store. There are a few good pictures of us as well!

Read the full article “Checkmate in Massapequa” about our chess store here!

Coming Later this week to the Chess USA Blog – The Toy Fair Roundup!

We’re finally at the time of year where we can look forward and start to reveal a little of what sort of chess sets and board games are going to be new this year.

Later this week, i’m going to have a really cool (IMHO) post about my experience at the NY Toy Fair this year. That is our opportunity to meet with vendors and see what new chess items are down the pipeline. This year I got to see a few famous faces, and I think we can look forward to some really interesting new chess sets later on in the year.

I’m really excited!

Our Chess Store

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