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Black Friday Chess Set Sale

Upcoming Black Friday Chess Set Sale from Chess USA (And Cyber Monday Chess Sale as well!)

We’ve decided to try something new.  Instead of sending out an email blast for Black Friday, we’re going to post all of our Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sales here on our blog.  Read further to find out about our first chess set sale, starting today, 11/20/2012.

We are not limited our sales to Black Friday or Cyber Monday!

We know people are always looking for deals, and everyone is competing for your valuable time on a weekend when, face it, it would be better spent with your family.  This is why we had our pre-black friday chess set sale in the past, and we’re going to continue that tradition in a slightly different format.

Instead of a sale for this week, we’re going to have a number of chess sales – and game sales – over the course of the week and beyond.  Some will last for a week, others only a few days.  The point is, we are not going to try and have our chess set sale compete with Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  We’ll do it before. We’ll do it after.  We’ll do it often!

Why the change?

It’s somewhat difficult to do a small email or banner that allows a lot of flexibility.  That results, unfortunately, in a fairly simple sale – a generic small percentage discount on everything.  This is unfortunate, because I know we could offer a limited time discount on a number of items that is greater than that.

Because the blog allows me to write in detail, I can write much more about our Black Friday holiday chess sale and our Cyber Monday sale plans as well.  We can actual have “door buster” Chess Sets that you can purchase from home, without traveling to the chess store in NY.  We can have absolutely great discounts on all of a certain type of product, and omit the few items that keep us from being able to offer a really great general discount on everything.

Don’t worry.  we’ll still offer something for everything we sell, but now we’ll have special deals and discounts on chess sets well above and beyond what we could in the past.

So What happens now?

Stay tuned on our blog.  Follow us in your reader, or sign up for notifications.  It will be worth it.  We’re going to experiment with a lot of things this holiday season, so expect sales on individual chess sets, board games, backgammon, mah-jong, go – you name it.  A lot of these sales might only last a few days, so you have to keep your eyes peeled!

 The first sale!

Let’s kick off our week of sales with an offer on all chess sets.

enter CHESS_SETS during checkout on our chess store website. (ChessUSA) to receive 15% off any chess set.

What does this include?

Basically, any item code on our website that begins with a “4” is a chess set.  Just hop on our home page.  I’ve included the prefixes in perenthesis – you can use that number in the “search” box to find applicable items – or just browse around the chess store website.

So save 15% – starting RIGHT NOW – on:

Folding Chess Sets (41-)

Magnetic Chess Sets (40-)

Marble Chess Sets (47-)

Standard and Unique Flat Chess Sets (4A-)

… and many, many others.

This sale is only applicable for new orders placed between today, Tuesday, 11/20/12 and Tuesday, 11/27/12), and only on items that begin with “4”.  There is no minimum or maximum for your order,  so you can get this discount on a 6.95 magnetic chess set or a 749.95 luxury chess set.  It’s up to you!

Once again:  Enter “CHESS_SETS” during check out for this discount.

Here’s a link directly to our chess store so you can get started!

Click Here to Get Started


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