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  • Okay, solution time!! The move played by Tal was 34. Bc5!! This move effectively kicks the Queen away from the... ,
  • I will be posting the solution to the Tal v.s Larsen game in about a half an hour. Why not kill some time... ,
  • In this position, from Tal v.s Larsen during the 1965 Candidates Match, Black has just played 33...Qd6. Can you... ,
  • Okay, time's up!! The move played by Levon Aronian was 53. Qa6+! This move takes advantage of Black's exposed... ,

Our Chess Store Tour and Upcoming Video Blog

Chess Store Video Tour – Chess USA

It’s been a hectic few days here at the chess store, but despite the storm the show must go on, and with that in mind I wanted to keep up with our chess blog.

Sometimes when you are purchasing on the internet, you do not know who you’re buying from – and with this day and age of more and more warehouse only or drop ship based internet outlets, I thought it would be nice for everyone to see who we are and where the chess set you purchased came …

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