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  • Okay, solution time!! The move played by Tal was 34. Bc5!! This move effectively kicks the Queen away from the... ,
  • I will be posting the solution to the Tal v.s Larsen game in about a half an hour. Why not kill some time... ,
  • In this position, from Tal v.s Larsen during the 1965 Candidates Match, Black has just played 33...Qd6. Can you... ,
  • Okay, time's up!! The move played by Levon Aronian was 53. Qa6+! This move takes advantage of Black's exposed... ,

Chess Sets from around the World (Part 2: Italy, Greece)

Now that we’ve looked a little bit at Western Europe in the first part of my blog series on chess sets from around the world, let’s take a look at some of the Mediterranean countries and what their chess set offerings are. Today, we’ll be look at chess products from Italy and Greece.


Metal Renaissance Chess Pieces from Italy

Italy has a wide selection of metal, brass and alabaster chess sets. There are a number of top Italian manufacturers such as Italfama and Chellini. Italfama has literally hundreds of chess sets from metal or brass chess …

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Chess Sets from around the World (Part 1: England, Spain)

I had some great feedback on my post on Chess Sets made in America, and even found a few new manufacturers that offer unique and unusual chess items – so I might very well need to update that post in the future!

In the meantime, since I wrote about chess sets here in the States, I thought it would be worth writing a little bit about where the chess sets we do have come from. Here’s a quick hint: Not all of them come from China!

This week’s question: Where do Chess Sets come from / Are certain chess sets …

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