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  • Okay, solution time!! The move is 65. Rh7! Black's rook on G7 is pinned and there is no good way to defend it... ,
  • Our store is located in Long Island, New York, so for today's puzzle, I have selected a position from Gata... ,

Stone Chess Sets: Marble, Onyx, and More

Stone Chess Pieces and Sets, Options and Considerations

A lot of focus is put in to wood chess pieces because they are the most traditional. However, there are many other alternate forms of chessmen. In this blog post i’ll be looking at stone chess pieces and sets. While these sets can be fragile, they are also absolutely fantastic display pieces that can add a great bit of character and flair to any furniture display. Stone chess sets are a favorite of collectors and laymen alike as a great option for a nice, luxurious item that is a little different.

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