Terraclips: Dungeon Rise Prison of The Forsaken

Product Code: GA-003
Terraclips: Dungeon Rise Prison of The Forsaken

Terraclips: Dungeon Rise Prison of The Forsaken

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Product Code: GA-003

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Dungeon Rise is a nightmarish prison - home to a brutal form of gladatorial arena combat, and this set features an expandable set including a fighting pit, torture chambers, fortified walls, columns, gates and richly detailed floor tile set. Combine this with the other Dungeon Rise sets to create a full Dungeon scenic suitable for Role playing games, Skirmish combat, or even full-on wargames action!

The Prison of the Forsaken kit contains the following:
  • All flooring tiles are double-sided With unique artwork!
  • 4 Gladitorial Fight Pit Tiles
  • 2 Standard Open Grate Prison Floors (6”X6”)
  • 2 Small Open Grate Prison Floors (3”X3”)
  • 1 Corridor Open Grate Prison Floor (3”X6”)
  • 6 Standard Prison Floors (6”X6”)
  • 6 Small Prison Floors (3”X3”)
  • 3 Corridor Prison Floors (3”X6”)
  • 12 Standard Walls (2”X6” - With and without doors)
  • 12 Short Walls (2“X3” - With and without doors)
  • 12 Open Grate Standard Walls (2”X6” - With and without doors)
  • 12 Open Grate Short Walls (2“X3” - With and without doors)
  • 6 Long Fencing Walls (2”X6”)
  • 6 Short Fencing Walls (2”X3”)
  • 6 Tall Fortress Walls (4”X6” WIth Toppers & Support Columns)
  • 4 Tall/Narrow Fortress Walls (4”X3”)
  • 1 Fortress Entrance Wall (4”X6” With Tall Door)
    Props & Extras
  • 3 Narrow Staircases (Single Story)
  • 1 Wide Staircase (Single Story)
  • 3 Ladders (Single Story)
  • 1 AxeTrap Wall
  • 7 Chairs
  • 2 Tables
  • 4 Beds/Torture Beds
  • 2 Weapon Racks
  • 2 Torture Wheels
  • 45 FX tokens

TerraClips is suitable for 25mm to 32mm miniatures, tabletop gaming and role playing systems and comes with a natural (hidden) 1" grid.

Any miniatures shown are not included.

Please note the Terraclips connector pack is required for assembly. If you're new to TerraClips and you intend on purchasing between 1 & 3 terrain packs, we recommend one connector combo pack per terrain set. Most users will eventually hit a maximum of required clip packs, since their usage and layouts will top out at a size and level of complexity they are typically comfortable building. Advanced users will air on the side of "more clips=more possibilities" and may purchase 1 connector combo pack for every terrain purchase they make.

*All Information Taken From Wyrd-Games*

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