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Once A Pawn A Time: Deluxe

Once A Pawn A Time: Deluxe
Code: 4B-007

Chess Set Details:

  • King Height: 3 1/2"
  • King Weight: 1.0 oz
  • King Base: 1 1/4"
  • Overall Board Dimensions: 17" x 17"
  • Square Size: 1 7/8"
  • Product Description

Once A Pawn A Time Instructional Chess Set: Deluxe Version

Learning Chess can be fun. This instructional chess set includes a large size chess set and two instructional books geared for children.

Want your child to love chess as well as master it?

The author, Patzi Stewart, taught a generation of lucky children in Berkeley, California to play chess. Now Patzi has put her teaching secrets into print! In this set of products she reveals the principles of chess in a new and engaging style.

Storybook One takes an in depth look at how each piece moves and captures. It ends with a description of the rank and files that make up the board, as well as the set up of each piece.

Storybook Two a Time talks more about the relative value of each piece, in regard to trading. It discusses basic back rank checkmate and Fool's Mate. Also, how to "Box In" the King in the Endgame.

This deluxe version has larger, fun chess pieces that represent the chess pieces as shown in the box. Don't worry! They're still very close to traditional design chessmen for easy recognition.