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Zombies!!! Midevil Deluxe

Zombies!!! Midevil Deluxe
Code: FA-031
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If you thought the Zombies!!! were bad well, letís just say, you ainít seen nothing yet!

MidEvil is the first game to be based on, and an extension of, the award winning Zombies!!! system from Twilight Creations. Players have escaped the modern-day zombie horde only to find themselves transported back in time and faced with a whole new set of problems!

MidEvil Deluxe combines all the skull cracking fun of the complete MidEvil Game in one convenient package. The set includes everything from the MidEvil base set, MidEvil 2 and MidEvil 3. It features updated packaging, improved art and updated figures (including over 100 HEAVILY ARMED AND ANGRY SKELETON WARRIORS!!!) The whole game is done with the same realistic but very tongue-in-cheek style you have come to expect from Twilight Creations.