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Zombietown 2 Road Rage

Zombietown 2 Road Rage
Code: FA-026
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The neighborhood has certainly gone down hill since youíve arrived. Food is in short supply. Ammunition is running low. And letís face it, the zombies make it really hard to get around. If only you could remember where you put your car keys... As if survival wasn't hard enough the first time, now we're going to add more challenges and more options with this expansion set.

Zombietown 2 adds cars and hidden agendas to the mix of the ZombieTown universe.
Cars and keys are distributed one per household at random. Players must find a matching key to use the car. Once the cars are in play they can be used to move quicker, run down zombies, or serve as makeshift barricades.
Hidden agendas are cards similar in size to the existing cards for the game. Each agenda has two possible conditions worth additional victory points. Players must choose one of them and reveal it when the conditions are met. If the conditions are later lost, the player retains his VP. The agendas on a card are related, so one might offer 5 points for having homes on two sides of the board and 10 for having homes on three sides.