16" Polystone Medieval Chess Set

16" Polystone Medieval Chess Set
Code: 4A-065

Chess Set Details:

  • King Height: 2 1/4"
  • King Weight: 1.4 oz
  • King Base: 1"
  • Overall Board Dimensions: 15 7/8" x 15 7/8"
  • Square Size: 1 1/8"
  • Board Thickness: 3/8"
  • Product Description

With so many chess sets, it can be hard to choose! Bring your imagination to life with our wide range of figurine chess sets. Each Chess Piece is individually hand-painted in meticulous detail and crafted from polystone.

Polystone is a compound made up of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone, which gives the chess pieces added weight and a porcelain or "stone-like" feel that is more durable than crushed stone, an expensive alternative. Additionally, polystone is slow to wear, making it ideal for collectors and casual players alike. This complete set includes both 32 chess pieces and a chess board.